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zvelo mentioned by Genius Monkey’s CEO in Forbes as a quality tool to entice quality traffic

*****The following article, by Clint Ethington, CEO & Co-Founder of Genius Monkey and appears as an online article in the Business section (Forbes CommunityVoice) on Forbes’ web site and was originally published on April 25, 2017. Three Ways Marketers Can Prevent Today’s Ad Fraud The measurement and tracking of today’s advertising results are susceptible to…

Understanding the Fake News Problem: Challenges with Identification and Categorization

Understanding the Fake News Problem: Challenges with Classification

With the recent, polarizing U.S. Presidential election, the topic of fake news has come up often. The national conversation about it is usually centered around two topics:  how much it has influenced and continues to influence the political opinions of Americans who frequent social media, and how something needs to be done to better identify and filter it out.