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Content as the New Clickbait: The Battle against News & Politics

Politics and News: The Growing Trend of Content as the New Clickbait

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the past decade, the use of “clickbait” ads has become the norm in order to entice viewers to click on the ad and drive traffic to a publisher. Web surfers have grown accustomed to seeing the same types of clickbait ads and sponsored stories like the ones shown below with sensational headlines about curing cancer, stopping aging, improving your sex life and more.

Base Domain vs. Full Path URL. What's the Difference?

Base Domain URL vs. Full Path URL. What’s the Difference?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes For the average web surfer, the URL bar provides a magical portal to the interwebz where anything that can be thought of can be entered—revealing the treasures of the internet at the stroke of ‘enter’. For the rest of us, we know it gets much more complicated than that as we slip down the rabbit hole and into OSI, DNS, TLS, HTTPS, subdomains…

IoT Cybersecurity Reaches Tipping Point

IoT Cybersecurity Reaching Tipping Point

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute In an article on ITPro, Jeff Finn writes about how the state of IoT cybersecurity is reaching a tipping point, forcing IoT device manufacturers to work partners that excel at networking. “The writing on the wall for IoT device manufacturers is to get serious about security and develop fruitful channel partnerships with network technology providers.

IoT Reaper - Massive Botnet Threatens Security and IoT Devices

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes What’s Reaper? Reaper (a.k.a IotTroop) is the latest botnet threat which is specifically targeting IoT vulnerabilities. With over 1.2 million devices already impacted, Reaper is the the largest IoT bot attack to date and continuing to grow rapidly. Using multiple C2’s, each with 10s of thousands of unique active IPs daily, Reaper is gaining momentum with each new device it exploits.

real time zip updates provide protection against malicious, objectionable, terrorism, and other content

Real-Time Malware, Miscat, Terrorism & Porn Protection Extended to zveloDB

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes zvelo Instant Protection (zIP) is a new feature designed to provide fast, up-to-the-minute updates on important category changes and real-time protection from newly identified blockable (adult, porn, hate, criminal, etc.) and malicious (malware, spyware, phishing, compromised, etc.) URLs.