Analyzing the Cloud – zvelo Provides URL Analysis Solution for Leading CASB

Analyzing the Cloud | CASB Application

zvelo Provides URL Analysis for Leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

A leading CASB company required a highly accurate and extremely fast URL vetting solution to help identify links to malware and other malicious threats for cloud-hosted documents, applications and associated sync services.

Client Profile

Leading independent cloud access security broker (CASB) that enables businesses to find, understand and secure cloud applications.

Business Need

As enterprises increasingly demand cloud services, information security teams need a control point for the secure and compliant use of cloud services that simultaneously address the need for secure access and threat protection.

The client needed to enhance their web categorization and malicious detection capabilities that provide prevention, detection, response and anticipation of threats to their enterprise clients when cloud services are used.

The CASB company identified a number of requirements necessary to increase the detection accuracy of malware threats:
  • Early Anomaly Detection: Leveraging data collected against usage behavior and service baselines, from which anomalous behaviors indicative of potential threats can be detected and alerts generated.
  • Reporting and Auditing: provide detailed activity logs and other reports useful for compliance auditing and forensic purposes.
  • Malicious Detection: identify both new and unknown malicious sites and malware including spyware, keystroke loggers, Trojans, and rootkits through signatures, behavior blockers, and heuristic analysis.

The Solution

The CASB vendor deployed the zveloDB with a specific emphasis on speed, identification, and URL-level categorization of malicious and inappropriate URLs embedded or linked in documents stored in the cloud.

The zvelo solution included:
  • Real-time malicious detection at the URL page level for dozens of malicious and threat vector types,  as well content categorization in nearly 500 categories across over 200 languages.
  • Static and Behavioral analysis of malware, bots, spyware, fraud and other threats.
  • 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb through a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human quality assurance to generate high accuracy.
  • Local database deployment for 5 microsecond lookup performance, providing over 200,000 queries per second per instance of the database.

By The Numbers

+ Languages
% Coverage

The Results

After integrating zveloDB, the framework served as an efficient, threat-centric way for the CASB business to design a continuous and integrated approach of threat protection capabilities within their solution. zvelo’s processing speed, accuracy, coverage, and multi-lingual support achieved measurable threat detection results that significantly reduced the threat from malicious URLs embedded in cloud content.

Advanced URL Categorization (500+ Categories)
Real-Time Malicious Detection
99.9% ActiveWeb Coverage with Unmatched Accuracy

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