Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is actionable Intelligence intended for Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence teams to use for enrichment and analytics.  zveloCTI supplies meticulously curated datasets for advanced Threat Intelligence which requires more visibility than identifying a URL as suspicious or bad.  zveloCTI datasets deliver high veracity and accuracy while maintaining low false positive (FP) rates. Datasets include Suspicious Domain Intelligence, Malicious Intelligence, Phishing Intelligence, and More.

Base Domain URL vs. Full Path URL. What's the Difference?

Base Domain URL vs. Full Path URL. What’s the Difference?

For the average web surfer, the URL bar provides a magical portal to the interwebz where anything that can be thought of can be entered—revealing the treasures of the internet at the stroke of ‘enter’. For the rest of us, we know it gets much more complicated than that as we slip down the rabbit hole and into OSI, DNS, TLS, HTTPS, subdomains…