Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is actionable Intelligence data pertaining to an organization’s information systems, networks, or digital assets that is intended to inform Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence teams about potential risks and existing or emerging threats.  As cybercriminals continue to grow more sophisticated in their attack tactics, gathering and leveraging cyber threat intelligence is a critical element to protecting your infrastructure and assets against cyber attacks and building a proactive, rather than reactive, cyber defense strategy.

Base Domain URL vs. Full Path URL. What's the Difference?

Base Domain URL vs. Full Path URL. What’s the Difference?

For the average web surfer, the URL bar provides a magical portal to the interwebz where anything that can be thought of can be entered—revealing the treasures of the internet at the stroke of ‘enter’. For the rest of us, we know it gets much more complicated than that as we slip down the rabbit hole and into OSI, DNS, TLS, HTTPS, subdomains…