zvelo is the provider of the most advanced URL Database for Web Categorization and Malicious Detection—designed for OEMs, device manufacturer’s, and Network Security vendors. zvelo’s content categorization engines power web filtering and parental controls, whitelists and blacklists for anti-virus companies, home network protection devices, and much more. By categorizing content into topic-based, objectionable, and malicious category groupings—zveloDB provides the most advanced malicious detection for advanced threat intelligence and cybersecurity.

real time zip updates provide protection against malicious, objectionable, terrorism, and other content

Real-Time Malware, Miscat, Terrorism & Porn Protection Extended to zveloDB

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes zvelo Instant Protection (zIP) is a new feature designed to provide fast, up-to-the-minute updates on important category changes and real-time protection from newly identified blockable (adult, porn, hate, criminal, etc.) and malicious (malware, spyware, phishing, compromised, etc.) URLs.

Full Path URL Categorization and Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes By Eric Watkins, Senior Malicious Detection Researcher at zvelo Earlier this month, I came across a use case that capitalizes on the value of full path content categorization. Before discussing this use case in detail, let’s go over the definition of a content distribution network (CDN) and also highlight a few key strengths of full…

Understanding the Fake News Problem: Challenges with Identification and Categorization

Understanding the Fake News Problem: Challenges with Classification

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes With the recent, polarizing U.S. Presidential election, the topic of fake news has come up often. The national conversation about it is usually centered around two topics:  how much it has influenced and continues to influence the political opinions of Americans who frequent social media, and how something needs to be done to better identify and filter it out.

Content Categorization Using Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Content Categorization Using Distributed Artificial Intelligence – Q&A with a zvelo’s Chief AI Scientist The technology company known for categorizing the web, zvelo, has found many applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this brief question and answer session with its Artificial Intelligence Chief Scientist, Dr. Ignacio Giraldez, discover how zvelo uses artificial intelligence,…

zvelo Introduces Content Dataset for Enhanced Categorization

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes zveloDP™ Content Dataset Supports Page-level Granularity with nearly 500 Categories in Dozens of Languages Today zvelo announced the delivery of the enhanced Content dataset on the zveloDP.  The enhancements of the Content dataset extends zvelo’s market leadership position established over the past decade of the most accurate and broadest coverage content categorization offering available. The…