Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT) Dataset

Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT) Dataset

Pinpoint Bots and Low-Quality Traffic Down to the Specific Page Level — for Added Granularity Beyond the Domain Level Alone

Our Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT) dataset equips digital advertisers with actionable quality traffic data to more accurately budget & execute their campaigns.

How it works:

  • The comprehensive page-level traffic dataset collects data from zvelo’s bot detection technology (zTag) to understand quality traffic data
  • As the zTag performs its bot detection function, each impression is parsed and a breakout of non-human traffic (NHT), low quality traffic (LQT), human data is provided at the page-level
  • This provides a unique perspective of bot activity … at the page-level

Key Benefits:

  • Use our data quality report to gain insights into all of the bot activity on specific web pages and ad creatives
  • Easily integrate the daily CPT flat file feed into the reporting tool of your choice
  • Benefit from quality traffic data insight into the validity of the web traffic of a specific URL
  • Receive a highly-accurate data quality report to guide your decisions about where and how to reach your desired audiences
  • Arm yourself with quality traffic data at the impression level to enforce data quality requirements with publishers/suppliers

Ideal for use in the Ad Tech ecosystem by:

  • Advertisers, Ad Tech Platforms and Suppliers


As an early user of zvelo’s CPT dataset, we’ve seen firsthand what this service is capable of,” said Clint Ethington, CEO, Genius Monkey. “CPT has provided our programmatic advertising platform with a critical layer of insight at the page level. It has enabled us to stop 130% more ad fraud than the industry-best averages, based on our recently completed 10-month study. zvelo has been extremely responsive to our needs every step of the way, and we look forward to continuing to address brand safety and fraud in the ad tech industry using zvelo’s solutions.

Why knowing bot, data center, and crawlers traffic as well as low-quality traffic, such as click farms, down the page level is so important?

When tracking non-human traffic (NHT) and low-quality traffic by the domain level alone, it is important to take into account that not all of the individual web pages of a domain are visited by the same quality of traffic. For instance, an online tool on a specific web page down several levels deep on a domain that is visited by highly desirable quality traffic – human beings with specific business need which can be targeted by an ad with real results.


Deploy zTag Easily

  • Place a lightweight JavaScript tag (zTag) across your web pages or ad creatives to gather valuable raw quality traffic data.
  • Two customizable and dynamic macros available enable tracking for targeted ad publishers, sources, ad campaigns and more so digital advertisers can gather feedback defined by their individual needs.

With actionable Insight into traffic quality, those in the digital advertising industry can help combat ad fraud by:

  • Working with suppliers to clean up specific traffic generation efforts
  • Choosing to move ad spend away from undesirable page or domains
  • Enforcing traffic cleanliness standards

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Related products in zvelo’s ad fraud prevention offering:

Our Free Bot Detection Service offers high-level insight through a dashboard displaying percentages of non-human traffic (NHT), low-quality traffic (LQT), and Human Traffic sources as well as the top five domains for NHT and LQT.

Our Invalid Traffic (IVT) dataset is a blacklist of IPs identified as non-human traffic from sources such as data centers, web crawlers and bots which can be used in a solution to block unwanted NHT.

Other datasets offered by zvelo include:

Content Dataset – Experience market leading accuracy and coverage for web and social content categorization with 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb and incorporating over 200 languages. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls, Mobile Service Provider/Subscriber Analytics with Audience/Customer Profiling and in Ad Tech with Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety.

Objectionable Dataset – Be able to identify URLs that are inappropriate or non-brand safe. Categories include various levels of severity associated with porn, hate speech, violence, etc. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls, and in Ad Tech with Brand Safety, or in Mobile Service Provider / Subscriber Analytics with Contextual Targeting.

Malicious Dataset – Interrogate threats at the URL and IP level and identify malicious activities such as malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls.

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