Connected Home Leader Signs with zvelo to Secure IoT Devices

Pioneer in Home Security Appliances Selects zvelo to Secure IoT DevicesInternet of Things - IoT Devices

We’re happy to announce this week that a market leader of Secure Home Appliances has signed a multi-year data licensing agreement with zvelo.  The vendor is licensing zvelo’s content, malicious and objectionable datasets to bolster its efforts to secure IoT devices in the home.

With more objects being connected via Wi-Fi at an ever-increasing rate, zvelo’s data will be vital to this industry. These IoT devices send and receive data to make consumer’s lives easier and more efficient. And, as more “smart” objects come online, hackers are at work to breach those objects’ security. While the hacker might not be able to get any useful information out of a smart thermostat, they might be able to hack the garage door opener to gain access while the homeowner isn’t there. zvelo’s data will help secure connected home companies identify and mitigate the risks of multiple devices within a home network.

To read the full press release, go here: /press-releases/connected-home-leader-signs-with-zvelo-to-secure-iot-devices-in-the-home/ or, learn more about zveloDP and the available datasets,  visit