The Drum Cites the launch of zvelo’s Invalid Traffic Dataset to Help Eliminate Wasteful Ad Spending

Marketing chiefs from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) met with the heads of the trade group Trustworthy Action Group (TAG) to discuss how best to broach the matter of ad fraud, which is forecast to cost the industry in excess of $16bn this year alone, this week, amid wider efforts to meet this need from tech vendors.

*****The following article, by Lisa Lacy, appears in the news section  on The Drum’s web site and was originally published on June 9 , 2017.

For instance, adtech outfit Zvelo, which provides content categorization and malicious detection data services, released its Invalid Traffic (IVT) dataset this week, which it claimed will help eliminate wasteful ad spending.The-Drum-BLOG-graphic-small-square

​By leveraging trillions of data points, Zvelo said the subscription-based IVT data service provides a continuous feed of IPs that support non-human traffic – including traffic from data centers, web crawlers, fake crawlers and malicious bots – and gives advertisers insight into non-human and otherwise fraudulent traffic sources.

This enables buy-side and sell-side platforms to engage in pre-bid blocking of any websites engaging in behavior known to be fraudulent. Publishers can also take advantage of the IVT dataset to eliminate non-human traffic coming to their websites, Zvelo said.

“By providing exceptionally granular and comprehensive knowledge into undesirable traffic sources, advertisers can eliminate wasting budget on impressions that do not reach a worthwhile audience,” said Cordell BaanHofman, vice president of business development at Zvelo, in a statement. “Fraud continues to plague digital advertising, but DSPs, SSPs and publishers are now able to receive unparalleled, accurate and continuous insight with the Invalid Traffic dataset. By improving campaign performance and providing protection from bot traffic, the IVT dataset is designed to offer a fast return on investment.”

The IVT dataset is the third Zvelo service released this year to improve digital ad transparency. These services also include a bot detection service, which was released in January, and Zvelo’s Comprehensive Page-Level Traffic dataset, which it said pinpoints non-human and low-quality web traffic down to specific web pages.

These moves come as industry bodies increasingly band together to combat fraud. Read more.