zveloDB & zveloAPI Deployment Options

zvelo covers the broadest spectrum of flexible and easy-to-integrate deployment options including a high performance local on-disk SDK cache, a cloud-based API, and as a raw data stream. Regardless of your infrastructure or application, zveloDB provides unmatched performance, coverage, and accuracy that is easy to implement and requires low maintenance. zvelo is 100% OEM and partner-focused—and we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We’ll continue to optimize and improve our categorization system—while you use it to support your customers.

URL Database | zveloDB for Web Filtering, Parental Controls, & More.

zveloDB™ SDK | High Performance Local SDK, On-Disk Cache

The local zveloDB cache returns results to your application, while new URLs are automatically and transparently forwarded to the zvelo cloud for categorization and malicious detection processing. In addition, a local CustomDB provides the ability for you to create custom “block/allow” lists as required for your particular application. Throughout the day, newly categorized URLs are immediately delivered and inserted into the local zveloCACHE—for real-time accuracy and protection.

For Data Center Deployment

Built for scale and global support, zveloDB can be deployed in your own data center—or hosted at the cloud center of your choosing. The SDK communicates with the Master zveloDB to deliver accuracy and performance.

For UTM Appliance Deployment

Designed with a lean footprint, zveloDB can be deployed on an appliance running at your customer’s location. Based on device requirements—the SDK enables you to choose between a “small” (~1GB) or “large” (~4GB) cache of URLs.

zveloDB URL Database | High Performance SDK On-Disk Cache

zveloDB™ Cloud | Cloud-Based Queries

With the zveloDB Cloud deployment, you achieve a lightweight API that is able to query and return highly accurate category value(s) based on domain, sub-domain, and full-path/page-level content. After submitting a query, the zvelo cloud leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver results for ingestion—whether for your local storage, processing, or other application needs.

Advantages of Cloud-based zveloDB:

  • Lightweight Thin-Profile Client for Mobile Apps
  • Fast and Easy to integrate for customer apps
  • Perfect for low/no storage models
  • All the coverage, none of the maintenance
zveloDB Cloud | Cloud-based Queries & Website URL Categorizations

zveloAPI™ | Real-Time Content Categorization Engine

With the zveloAPI Raw Data Stream deployment, you receive a continuous stream of categorized URLs in a raw, “in-the-clear” format, which you ingest into your local database and systems. This RESTful API deployment requires you to have or develop the logic associated with updating URLs when category values received in the raw data stream change, handling “inheritance” for URLs within a domain, and more. The zveloAPI Stream is ideal for companies that have the ability to receive and organize massive amounts of data, particularly organizations that require content categorizations at the individual full-path page, article, and post level.

zveloAPI Real-Time Categorization Engine | Query & Stream API
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