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The Secret Behind the Market’s Leading UTM, DNS, Endpoint Security, ISP, and Service Provider’s Web Filtering and Parental Controls Offerings

A Premium URL Categorization Database for Information Security

A premium Web Filtering offering requires a URL classification database that is highly accurate, provides comprehensive coverage of the active web, supports malicious website detection, and zero-hour protection and updates.  Another advantage of a high quality Web Filtering solution includes flexible deployment options that allow integration in a data center, an enterprise, SMB, on appliance, on device or hosted in the cloud. Another choice feature is that the content URL database must support highly granular and flexible category taxonomies that align with the policy management GUI of the web filtering or parental control offering whether the requirement is only a handful of categories or hundreds of categories. Finally, the URL database must be highly scalable, supporting small, single-user deployments through ISPs and deployments with millions of users, with exceptional URL query performance.

Our Reputation as the Authority in Network Security for Web Filtering Needs

A chosen leader in making the Internet safe and secure for over a decade, zvelo works closely with government, non-profit, and third party organizations to promote and help root out child abuse and sexual exploitation, phishing, fraud, and emerging exploits. Our affiliations include the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and also the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

The Clear Choice for Web Filtering

Looking for a way to make your web filtering solution stand above the crowd?  Drive more profitable growth?  Improve subscription renewal rates?  Share your culture of customer focus and responsiveness?  If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then you should choose zveloDB.

zveloDB consistently delivers industry-leading accuracy, coverage, and malicious website detection, together with an easy-to-integrate API which provides both local SDK and cloud-based deployment options. Also, zveloDB enables exclusive “category mapping” technology that empowers Web Filtering vendors to mirror exactly the category sets for policies and reporting that are familiar to SysAdmins and end users. All of these strategic advantages are backed by zvelo’s responsiveness — simply ask any of our partners — at least those that are willing to share the secret to their web filtering success.

Best-in-Class Malicious Detection for Information Security Solutions

Comprehensive malicious detection encompassing a high degree of accuracy with low false positive rates and a level of granularity where the threat is identified at the URL, IP, and page-level for malware, malware distribution, phishing, fraud, botnet, and more. Vendors should be able to choose from easy-to-integrate deployment options of cloud-based API, a local SDK, or as a raw data stream – to best fit with their existing architecture.

Trusted by Leading Network Security Vendors for their Malicious Detection Needs

A proven leader in enabling a safer and more secure internet for over a decade, zvelo works closely with government, non-profit, and third party organizations to help root out phishing, fraud, and emerging malicious exploits. zvelo is affiliated with the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) whose mission is unifying the global response to cybercrime.

Choose the Most Extensive Malicious Website Detection

zvelo analyzes billions of URLs and ad impressions daily by combining static analysis, behavioral analysis, 3rd party industry feeds, and human-supervised machine learning to deliver the most extensive malicious website detection.

Do you want your network security solution to stand out from other solutions that offer ineffective malicious detection? Choose zvelo’s highly accurate malicious detections with low false positives rates.

See our Global Cyber Threat Map for recent sampling of currently identified malicious threats.

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The Vast Majority of Connected Gadgets Still Have Little or No Security Features in Place — Leaving Them Ripe for the Picking to Any Bad Actor with Some Hacking Skills and an Agenda

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As IoT Device Growth Explodes

IoT device growth, the most recent tech phenomenon, will power a 4th Generation of the Internet, disrupting industries, lifestyle and culture in ways that few can imagine. Conventional wisdom dictates that making web-connected devices which are increasingly smaller, more powerful and cheaper will usher in virtually unlimited new and exciting applications and create entirely new industries.

Pay Attention to the Security of IoT Devices

Innocent-looking devices in smart homes, enterprises, and factories could, in fact, be the soldiers being enlisted in botnet armies for escalating cyberwars making splashy headlines. Why? Because these devices have virtually no security — whether through poor security design or no security design. Every time a new device connects to your network, you may be unknowingly adding devices to the ranks of these growing botnet armies. And these aren’t just any botnets — these botnets are being used in the front lines of the ever-escalating cyberwars between states, non-states, and anyone who can rent one of these botnets for a few hours, days, or weeks depending on their particular objectives.

Prepare to Protect Against the Security Risks

Addressing the risks associated with IoT device security requires a proactive approach to knowing which devices are on your network and what they are doing. That’s where the zvelo IoT Solution for Network Security comes into play, empowering you — not some hacker — with the knowledge and control over the devices on your network.

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Web Filtering / Parental Controls

Enabling web filtering and parental controls vendors with best-in-class web content categorization accuracy, coverage, performance, and malicious detection through an easy-to-integrate API, combined with the industry’s best responsiveness and customer service.

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IoT Security

Providing device discovery, profiling, and compromised device detection through a lightweight sensor integrated onto routers, gateways, and UTM appliances.

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