Invalid Traffic (IVT) Dataset

Invalid Traffic (IVT) Dataset

Subscribe to the IVT dataset to gain insight into all invalid traffic, including web crawlers, traffic from known data centers, fake crawlers and malicious bots

Market-leading non-human traffic detection and prevention

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate ad spending on invalid traffic / Improve campaign performance
  • Provide transparency to advertisers, agencies and brands
  • Build trust in your business’ reputation
  • Protect your network from malicious bots

Ideal for use by:

  • Ad Tech Demand-Side platforms (DSPs) and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs)
  • Network Security Vendors


IVT Dataset features include:

  • Crowd-sourced bot aggregation from zvelo’s trillions of monthly transactions
  • Continuous updates to ensure customers have the most recent and accurate data
  • Non-Human Traffic (NHT) classifications enable users to filter between good versus bad bots according to their organization’s individual needs

Use Cases:

  • Pre-bid blocking of NHT for both the buy-side (DSPs) and sell-side (SSPs/exchanges)
  • Publishers can eliminate non-human traffic to their websites
  • Network security vendors can enhance IPS and related security services to eliminate invalid and malicious traffic
  • Enhanced analysis and reporting of IPS, IDS, and firewall logs

How it Works:

  • Receive IP data on verified NHT sources including web crawlers, traffic from known data centers, fake crawlers, and malicious bots.
  • Data can be leveraged from pre-bid blocking to ensure customers aren’t wasting precious advertising dollars on non-human and fraudulent traffic sources.


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Related products in zvelo’s ad fraud prevention offering:

Our Free Bot Detection Service offers high-level insight through a dashboard displaying percentages of non-human traffic (NHT), low-quality traffic (LQT), and Human Traffic sources as well as the top five domains for NHT and LQT.

Our Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT) dataset equips digital advertisers with actionable quality traffic data to combat ad fraud by pinpointing NHT and LQT at a page level.

Other datasets offered by zvelo include:

Content Dataset – Experience market leading accuracy and coverage for web and social content categorization with 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb and incorporating over 200 languages. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls, Mobile Service Provider/Subscriber Analytics with Audience/Customer Profiling and in Ad Tech with Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety.

Objectionable Dataset – Be able to identify URLs that are inappropriate or non-brand safe. Categories include various levels of severity associated with porn, hate speech, violence, etc. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls, and in Ad Tech with Brand Safety, or in Mobile Service Provider / Subscriber Analytics with Contextual Targeting.

Malicious Dataset – Interrogate threats at the URL and IP level and identify malicious activities such as malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls. 

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