Website categorization and URL database solutions for advertising network providers.

Online ad networks arose to streamline the placement of digital ads and have morphed from “the more the better” state, referring to the quantity and types of publishers within their networks, to a much more segmented approach. Online ad networks have strict requirements to provide improved transparency, advertiser brand safety and accurate ad placements across websites written in various languages. Online ad networks must also conform to new industry standards established by organizations such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau™ (IAB) for contextual taxonomy and in-depth content categorization at the sub-path and page level of social networking, blogging and other popular websites. To keep pace with advertiser demands, continually changing taxonomic guidelines and competitors, online ad networks require a URL database and an automated categorization engine that addresses the dynamics of ever-changing web content, in order to ensure accurate ad targeting so that ad placements are not delivered onto malicious websites, or web pages with inappropriate, illegal or non-standard content.

The zveloDB® URL database and zveloCAT™ content categorization engine can be evaluated for free and integrated by online ad networks to provide optimum online ad verification and attibution, brand safety and security services, social media monitoring and reporting tools, big data analytics applications and more. The zveloDB supports a range of category sets and has dedicated category sets for objectionable online content (adult, porn, hate, criminal, vices, etc.) and offers instant detection of malicious or compromised URLs, as well as revisit logic to recategorize legitimate websites that go from infected to clean. With zvelo’s automated URL categorization capabilities, backed by quality assurance provided by over 150 multi-lingual Web Analysts, changing content on websites can be monitored, revisited and recategorized in real-time to ensure accurate ad targeting.

zvelo's cost-effective, CPM-based pricing models and flexible deployment options provide online ad networks with the ideal technology and pricing models required to remain competitive in this booming market.

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