Website categorization and URL database solutions for endpoint security and anti-virus vendors.

Endpoint security and anti-virus vendors have historically been focused on blocking or removing viruses and spyware from the desktop. Over the past several years, however, there has been a dramatic shift in the malware world. Hackers have shifted the delivery of viruses, spyware and other forms of malware and exploits from email to web-based attacks and have also begun targeting mobile devices. Hackers are becoming more and more adept at using social engineering and other techniques to trap or trick users into visiting infected websites, while keeping the "shelf-life" of these infected and compromised websites to a few hours at most, reducing the effectiveness of signature-based anti-virus and other endpoint security software. This leaves the end user vulnerable to a wide range of malware, viruses, spyware and other threats simply by visiting innocent-looking websites, resulting in a zero-hour protection gap for compromised or infected websites.

The zveloDB® URL database and zveloCAT™ content categorization engine can be seamlessly integrated into endpoint security offerings to help immediately identify and provide protection against malicious websites, and can serve as the foundation for content or web filtering applications. The zveloDB boasts millions of URLs categorized as any of the 10 malicious categories (e.g. botnet, malware distribution point, phishing/fraud, etc.) or blockable (e.g. porn, sex, hate, violence, etc.). zvelo also has revisit logic in place to re-categorize legit sites that have been compromised and that have been cleaned. This is a great differentiator for zvelo and its OEM Partners.

In addition, the zveloCAT™ content categorization engine provides in-stream and real-time categorization of dynamic web pages, like blogs, and can even categorize content behind the log-in, like on social networking sites and forums. These solutions allow endpoint security vendors to be able to address the rapidly changing nature of malware threats.

zvelo offers a number of flexible pricing options for endpoint security vendors, including user-based, seat-based, browser/toolbar-based and other price models. Deployment options include a cloud API with a small local cache on the endpoint device, as well as a lightweight on-disk SDK option, when required.

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