Website categorization and URL database solutions for UTM and gateway appliance vendors.

UTM, gateway, router, WiFi and other network security vendors with web filtering applications require a leading website categorization service and a URL database with the best coverage, accuracy and malicious website detection capabilities in the market. zvelo provides these services to network security vendors and licenses the zveloDB® URL Database and zveloCAT™ content categorization engine through technology partnerships.

For HDD-based appliance vendors, the “on-disk” zveloDB SDK™ solution provides a simple, straight-forward implementation that supports the zveloDB, a local custom database and a cache database for intra-day real-time content and zero-hour categorizations, with extremely fast URL query performance.

For ASIC- and Flash-based architectures, or where there are limited resources, zveloDB can be implemented using a small local cache for most frequent or recent URL queries, with additional URL queries directed to the zveloNET® cloud network. zveloDB's exclusive "category mapping" technology enables appliance vendors to seamlessly migrate from an existing web filtering vendor such as Websense, McAfee (Secure Computing), Rulespace or others to the zveloDB, while retaining the category sets familiar to end users for policies and reporting. Whether "on-disk" or cloud-based, zveloDB provides network security vendors with the foundation for comprehensive web filtering and policy management solutions. zvelo offers a range of flexible pricing options designed to mirror the partner’s business model, including user-based, appliance model-based, bandwidth-based and others.

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