Website categorization and URL database solutions for mobile service providers, ISPs, Telco’s and MSSPs.

zvelo partners with some of the leading mobile service providers, ISPs, Telcos and MSSPs. The zveloDB® URL database and zveloCAT™ contextual content categorization engine is ideal for deployment in a service provider’s data center to support a range of services, including reputation filtering, content filtering, premium web filtering, browser plug-ins, parental controls solutions, and other applications. The zveloDB URL database can be easily integrated with a service provider’s application using a simple-to-implement SDK designed for very fast URL query performance. Additionally, the zveloDB SDK supports black/whitelist URLs identified by the service provider and/or its subscribers.

With nearly 200 languages supported, the zveloDB URL database can be deployed in virtually any global market to deliver excellent accuracy and coverage, while zveloCAT provides real-time and in-line content categorization for dynamic and protected pages (behind the log-in). zvelo offers a number of flexible pricing options, including per user, bandwidth, and revenue share models that will fit nearly any service provider’s business model.

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