Website categorization and URL database solutions for parental controls solutions providers.

Protecting enterprise networks from advanced and persistent web threats is an ongoing challenge of network security vendors. As is the need to implement policies to control web usage to boost employee productivity. At home and at public WiFi hot spots, children, teens and families also need similar protection from the darker side of the web. All these scenarios require adequate web filtering solutions that are backed by a URL database and content categorization service that can immediately detect and block porn, adult-themed, hate, predator, criminal and other extreme sites, as well as malicious or compromised sites in real-time and as queries to these sites happen.

The zveloDB® URL database and zveloCAT™ content categorization engine provide extensive coverage of these malicious and inappropriate websites. zvelo receives billions of URL queries for categorization, including the millions of new URLs and websites that come online each day. These capabilities can be licensed by web filtering vendors to allow for the immediate and effective web filtering and blocking of access to the websites that are used by predators and hackers to lure unsuspecting visitors. Additionally, zvelo works with a number of governmental, non-profit and third party organizations to promote and help sustain a safer Internet experience for everyone, no matter the network being utilized.

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