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Case Studies – web filtering, content categorization and more

Case Studies: Explore How Your Industry Uses zvelo To Succeed

Leading Network Security, Ad Tech, and Mobile Service Provider / Subscriber Analytics platforms use zvelo to strengthen their offerings and address key business challenges.  

What’s your business pain point?  Curious how zvelo might help your company?  Explore how zvelo data solutions solve a variety of business needs, including:  web filtering, content categorization, parental controls, contextual targeting, subscriber analytics, ad fraud prevention, botnet detection.


Leading Video Platform, LKQD, Gets Brand Safe With zvelo

A leading independent video advertising platform needed an automated, highly accurate and extremely fast screening solution that provided real-time updates and was capable of scaling up to meet spikes in traffic volume.


zvelo Provides URL Analysis Solution for Leading CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)

A leading CASB company required a highly accurate and extremely fast URL vetting solution to help identify links to malware and other malicious threats for cloud-hosted documents, applications and associated sync services.


zvelo’s Data Sets Enhance Contextual Categorization for Online Ad Intelligence Platform

The platform provider’s objective was to improve performance of its customers’ online campaigns through enhanced ad targeting and reduction in ads placed on fraudulent sites.


Ad Network Optimizes Ad Placement with zvelo

The Network was a pioneer in the ad tech industry; however, customers were requesting improved ad placement effectiveness, particularly for social network and blogging sites such as,, and other websites increasingly being targeted by advertisers where the content was changing and being updated continuously at the sub-domain and page levels.



WiFi Vendor Blocks Malicious Websites with zvelo

The Solution Provider had carved out a large and growing market of professionals and business travelers who required secure, safe Internet access and browsing, combined with the convenience and availability of an international network of WiFi Hotspots.


SaaS Web Filtering Provider Integrates zvelo to Grow

The Web Filtering Provider was experiencing increased demand for a reliable, cost-effective and hosted web filtering offering to complement its existing hosted spam filtering service. With customers geographically distributed across Europe, there was a need for strong URL database coverage and accuracy across the spectrum of European languages.


Web Content Filtering Vendor Integrates zvelo for Child Web Safety

The Web Content Filtering Provider was challenged with providing a superior parental controls solution that would be pre-loaded on a child-friendly Android tablet.


Digital Video Ad Platform Drives ROI with Content Categorization

As an early mover in the nascent video advertising marketplace, the Video Ad Platform emerged as a market leader over  several years. However, as new entrants identified the growth opportunities of the video ad market and competition escalated, the Video Ad Platform recognized it needed to raise the bar for its service offerings.


Big Data Analytics Provider integrates zvelo for Mobile Analytics Solution

The Data Analytics Provider identified numerous issues to overcome in order to effectively analyze the large amounts of web usage data conducted by the millions of the service providers’ mobile subscribers located worldwide.


RTB-Enabled Platform Drives Brand Safety with zvelo

The Ad Exchange had gained considerably traction and market share since the initial launch of their RTB offerings. However, to continue their revenue growth rate, the Customer had to demonstrate meaningful product differentiation to both prospective customers and investors. Simply performing accurate ad verification and post-impression analytics was no longer a compelling differentiator.


zvelo Enables Parental Controls Filtering for Global AV Leader

The AntiVirus Provider was starting to lag behind the industry in product reviews due to shortcomings in the endpoint security suite, notably the lack of web filtering capabilities. Additionally, the AntiVirus Provider was seeing renewal rates falling and channel/retailer feedback growing increasingly negative as the core endpoint security product was viewed as losing its competitive edge for a variety of reasons.


zvelo Contextual Categorization Enhances Ad Tech Intelligence Platform

The Ad Tech Platform Provider needed to enhance the depth and coverage of its business intelligence offering by extracting as much information as possible from web pages being used for online advertising by some of its customers’ most popular brands.


Fast-Growing UTM Vendor Powers Web Filtering with zvelo

The UTM Vendor was experiencing considerable growth with installations of its UTM offering, however, it identified the need to increase product differentiation in a crowded market segment, as well as increase the average annual revenue for each installation.


Mobile Provider Offers Premium Web Filtering with zvelo

The Mobile Provider had been offering a standard web filtering service, utilizing one of the industry’s URL database vendors that emphasized “consumer” oriented website coverage, as part of its standard mobile subscription package. Despite significant false positive rates and performance issues, this URL database was deemed good enough for the consumer segment of the wireless market that the Mobile Provider had served for the past decade.


Digital Video Advertiser Uses zvelo for Real-time Look Ups and Contextual Content Categorization.

A leading digital video advertising platform provider that helps advertisers drive ROI, while providing publishers with maximum opportunities to monetize their inventories, required comprehensive and highly accurate contextual content categorization of URLs and web pages to ensure brand safety and increase transparency.


Mobile Security Vendor Makes Web Safe with zvelo

The Mobile Security Vendor was looking for ways to differentiate its smartphone security offering by adding Web browsing protection against compromised and malicious websites, as well as the ability to provide web filtering/blocking for porn and other websites which were inappropriate.


DSP, RTB Ad Exchange Network Drives Brand Safety with zvelo

A fast growing Ad Exchange Network with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) offerings desired to move beyond ad delivery, verification and post-impression analysis and provide product differentiation through pre-emptive brand safety and improved transparency for its customers.

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