zvelo’s proprietary artificial intelligence-based contextual categorization systems generate data sets that provide the broadest, most accurate coverage of the web, as well as numerous other signals and attributes, that significantly enrich data management platforms, improve online advertising and ad targeting, provide brand safety and support web filtering and network security offerings.

zvelo processes tens of billions of transactions daily at the page level across dozens of languages, ensuring the data you are using for decision making is fresh and reliable. zvelo’s technologies look at not just the content, but derive the context of a web page, content based on the semantics or meaning of the page. The zvelo data sets are categorized and comply with the IAB Networks and Exchanges Taxonomy and category sets, allowing customers to quickly and easily target inventory or build profiles on IAB Tier 1, Tier 2 or other category sets.


 Data Sets

Whether the content you are analyzing is social or web-based, apps, tweets, or web pages, zvelo provides you the data sets to support deep contextual analysis…  MORE

Deployment SDK/API

The zvelo “Data as a Service” offerings are accessed through modern APIs with both cloud and local deployment options, able to support massive query volumes and microsecond lookup speeds.  MORE

Contextual Categorization

zvelo’s cloud contextual categorization systems use Artificial Intelligence-based Multi-Agent systems that combine a wide array of Machine Learning algorithms and human-supervised quality assurance learning to generate market leading categorization accuracy.  MORE

Malicious/Ad Fraud Detection

The zvelo malicious detection systems provide comprehensive, real-time detection for malicious websites, desktop and mobile exploits. Importantly, zvelo is quickly emerging as a leader in the fight against online impression and NHT-based ad fraud.  MORE

Language Coverage

zvelo’s contextual categorization language support and coverage has expanded in response to market demand and now covers over 99% of web transactions.  MORE