Eliminate Ad Fraud At the Source

Ad Fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem impacting every area of the online advertising industry, damaging reputations and funding the criminals that are responsible for much of the malicious exploits and attacks across the Internet. Combatting ad fraud starts with blocking invalid traffic from non-human sources including web crawlers, known data centers, fake crawlers, malicious bots, and more. Stop bots in their tracks and begin blocking non-human traffic PRE-bid to improve ad performance at the page level, eliminate wasteful spending, and maximize ROI on campaigns.

We are focused on delivering advertisers and their suppliers with industry leading data and tools that help protect their brands and budgets. Ad Fraud from zvelo epitomize the old adage—knowledge is power.

The Actionable Data You Need to Eliminate Ad Fraud

zvelo aggregates information gathered from the trillions of monthly impressions occurring over the zveloAI cloud network. By analyzing patterns and signals from all of the ActiveWeb traffic generated by our 650 million end users and growing, zvelo is able to provide a comprehensive blocklist to protect against traffic from identified non-human sources—enabling you to take immediate action to improve campaign performance.

zvelo Bot Detection Service - Eliminate Ad Fraud

Content Dataset

Market leading accuracy and coverage for web and social content categorization with 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb. With support for over 200 languages worldwide.

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Objectionable Dataset

Identify URLs that are inappropriate or non-brand safe. Categories include various levels of severity associated with porn, hate speech, violence, etc.

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Protect Your Image with zvelo Brand Safety & Contextual Targeting

zvelo’s industry-leading topic-based and objectionable content categorization provides unmatched protection from brand safety pitfalls. Learn more about protecting your company’s identity and image.

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