Eliminate Ad Fraud

With Comprehensive Insights and Actionable Data

The Complete Ad Fraud Prevention Solution

The zvelo Ad Fraud detection and solution is designed to work in a collaborative fashion providing both insight and actionable data for the buy-side or sell-side. By combining real-time insight and transparency into the size and scope of your ad fraud problem, with pre-bid blocking of non-human bot traffic and page-level impression data, you can zero in on the campaign performance and fraud down to the page, allowing you to take immediate steps on your inventory and bidding to eliminate spending on fraudulent traffic. Dozens of buy-side and sell-side platforms, as well as hundreds of advertisers and publishers are working with zvelo to get the data that gives them the power to control their ad fraud issues.

Immediate Insight into Your Ad Fraud Problem

Providing immediate visibility to the size and scale of your bot fraud problem with your percentage of impressions associated with non-human traffic (NHT: bot), low-quality traffic (LQT: such as click-farms), and human traffic.

Within minutes of deploying our Bot Detection Service, you will be able to size your bot fraud problem. Simply place our lightweight javascript tag, known as zTAG, on your page or ad creative to gain insight into the amount of NHT, LQT, and human traffic through our dashboard. Explore how our Bot Detection dashboard works and how it can help you eliminate ad fraud.

The Actionable Data You Need to Eliminate Ad Fraud

Combat Ad Fraud from multiple angles using the market’s leading actionable data – IVT (Invalid Traffic) dataset for pre-bid blocking of non-human impressions and CPT (Comprehensive Page-level Traffic) dataset for in-depth analysis of non-human impressions at the domain and page levels. These datasets work in concert, giving you the control to eliminate ad fraud and take immediate action to improve campaign performance.

IVT dataset – stop bots generating fraudulent traffic PRE-BID – so that you’re not wasting money and valuable resources bidding on impressions from bots. Utilize the zvelo Invalid Traffic dataset on your bidding systems, to eliminate latency and meet millisecond performance required for real-time bidding.

CPT dataset – make decisions on campaign performance and non-human impression levels at the domain and individual page-level.  Armed with this data, you can take immediate steps on inventory, traffic, bidding, and more.  Unlike other offerings that only provide this information at the domain level, the zvelo Comprehensive Page-level Traffic dataset delivers domain, page, and campaign-level data for analysis, investigation, and action. The CPT dataset provides value for both sell-side and buy-side platforms.

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