Brand Safety

Ensure Brand Safety that Aligns the Placement of your Brand's Ads with Appropriate Content

The zvelo Brand Safety Solution

zvelo provides Topic-based and Objectionable datasets for use in brand protection and contextual targeting applications. Our datasets ensure a brand’s ads can be placed on pages with content aligned to the brand’s image, mission, and target audience.


Using a combination of AI/machine learning and human quality assurance to maintain over 99% accuracy for categorizing web content into topic-based and objectionable categories.


Over 99.9% coverage of the active web traffic, incorporating URLs visited by hundreds of millions of users and tens of billions of impressions across Information Security, IoT Security, and Ad Tech markets (specifically for brand safety / brand protection needs).

Language Support

The market’s best language support by country, covering over 200 languages, using human-supervised machine learning systems. See zvelo’s Language Support Map.

Fast Performance

Local lookups in 5 microseconds or 200,000 queries per second per instance using the zveloDB SDK, supplemented by cloud updates for uncategorized URLs. Alternatively, take complete control by directly ingesting all categorized URLs into your systems with a raw data stream

Brand Safety With Content

A versatile set of categories that can be used in wide variety of cultural settings. Identify non-brand safe URLs that are inappropriate or objectionable including porn, hate speech, violence, etc.

Granular Taxonomy

Nearly 500 different categories, with exclusive category mapping which provides seamless and transparent integration with your required taxonomies, such as IAB or your own proprietary taxonomy. See zveloDB Category Taxonomy.

CPM-Based Pricing

Flexible pricing options that align with your business model. CPM-based pricing ensures that you pay only for the impressions you get. Because efficiency matters.

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