Securing IoT Begins with Dynamic Device Profiling & Identification

IoT device adoption is accelerating. zvelo provides your customers with visibility into what devices are on their networks?

Even as IoT device volume races toward 34 billion by 2020, the vast majority of our connected gadgets still have little or no security features in place – leaving them ripe for the picking by any bad actor with some hacking skills and an agenda. Devices such as keyless locks, light switches, industrial monitors or cameras provide hackers with a perfect storm of massive numbers of unprotected and unsecured, web-connected devices ready-made to be enlisted into a bot army, used for stealing personal information, cryptomining and more – all in broad daylight and completely unsuspected by the device owner. .
SysAdmins and consumers cannot oversee the activities and web connections of every device on their networks 24/7 or even know what devices are on or attempting to connect to their networks. Fighting today’s IoT device hackers requires the most sophisticated and proactive defenses and security available—the zvelo IoT Security Platform.

The first function of the zvelo IoT Security Platform is to provide immediate and highly accurate device profiling, so you and your customers can know exactly what types of devices are connected or trying to connect to their networks. The zvelo IoT Security Platform combines the most accurate device profiling with continuous monitoring and behavioral anomaly detection, providing real-time scoring of the trustworthiness of each device on your network and alerting of any vulnerable or compromised devices on the network, as well as those devices that pose a threat, allowing you or the SysAdmin to take action to isolate or remove the misbehaving device from the network.

IoT Device Visibility | Identify and Secure Your Network

Cybersecurity Super Hero Needed

Advanced Network Security requires proactive, automated and scalable solutions to deal with the proliferation of unsecured IoT devices.

Your customers won’t know and, in many cases, won’t care about the risks posed by their IoT devices—until it’s too late. They are counting on YOU to have the foresight to implement security solutions that protect them—even when they didn’t know they needed protection.

The Mission.

You need to be one step ahead of every hacker in the world who is targeting your customer’s networks, have security in place for every device on every network 24 hours a day!

The Challenge.

Even if you could find them and afford to hire them, there aren’t enough malware analysts and threat analytics engineers to do this manually. You need a solution that can be watching all devices on every network all of the time. You need a solution that doesn’t need advance notice when new devices are being connected to networks. You need a solution that can keep up with all of the latest threats and vulnerabilities of the IoT devices your customers are purchasing and deploying.

This isn’t a problem your customer is going to solve. It’s not a problem the device manufacturers are going to solve. It’s not a problem the government is going to solve. Your customers are looking to you to be their cybersecurity super hero! And the zvelo IoT Security Platform can help you be the security super hero for your customers.

The zvelo IoT Security Platform can be quickly deployed on routers & gateways in your customer’s networks and can immediately start profiling devices, detecting threats and alerting to any vulnerable or compromised devices—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It leverages zvelo’s market-leading AI-based categorization and malicious detection expertise to provide the most accurate device profiling, allowing you to know exactly the device type, make, model and more of what’s connecting to the network, as well as immediate and continuously updated trust scoring to identify those devices that are acting normally and those that are misbehaving and need to be isolated or removed from the network.

This allows you to get past the noise and alert fatigue and focus on just those problematic devices.

Enjoy the super hero life!

We create the core technology and framework that powers successful IoT Security Solutions embedded in gateways, routers, UTMs, and more.

The explosive growth of IoT devices has introduced numerous security vulnerabilities and threat surfaces to networks worldwide—leaving homes and businesses at increased risk to intrusion and malicious exploits such as privacy threats, cryptomining, ransomware campaigns or hijacked devices participating in DDoS attacks. IoT devices pose significant security challenges since device characteristics (behavior, operating system, level of complexity, etc.) vary widely based on industry, use case, etc.

zvelo’s IoT Security Platform provides an advanced framework for device profiling, anomaly detection and alerting—to bolster device and network security and combat the growing IoT security gap. The zvelo IoT Security Platform continuously monitors all device traffic and behaviors, 24 hours a day, providing real-time detection and alerting of vulnerable or compromised devices.

Complete Network Visibility | IoT Security Platform

Introducing 100% Visibility Over Devices AND Network Traffic

Discovery, Profiling, & Threat Analysis For All Devices On Your Networks

Gain Complete Visibility Into All Devices On Your Network! Rapid growth in IoT devices is creating a growing security gap and new threat vectors for bad actors to hack devices. But with AI-Powered device profiling and anomaly detection, you can gain visibility and control over ALL devices connecting to the network and be prepared for evolving security threats. The zvelo IoT Security Platform provides router/gateway manufacturers with the technology to allow their customers to achieve 100% visibility of network-connected devices.

Device Discovery & Visibility | IoT Security Technology

Step 1: Dynamic Device Discovery

The first step of device profiling and anomaly detection is to identify what’s actually connecting to the network. The zvelo IoT Platform provides advanced device discovery and identification without requiring any predetermined knowledge of device characteristics.

Intelligent Device Profiling & Behavioral Anomaly Detection

Step 2: Device Profiling

The zveloAI Cloud network uses machine learning to perform the market’s most accurate device profiling, including device type, make, model, O/S, and more—providing you with insight into exactly what devices are connecting to your network. Additional attributes can include geo-location data, data on installed apps and more.

zvelo Advanced Artificial Intelligence | Cloud-based Analysis Platform

Step 3: Threat Detection

By leveraging our understanding of categorized ActiveWeb content and malicious detections—the zveloAI Cloud applies AI and Machine Learning techniques to perform advanced device and traffic analysis for real-time detection of threats posed to the network by vulnerable and compromised devices.

Device Security, Automated Rulesets, Automation, & Notification

Step 4: Automation, Control, & Orchestrate

With agentless discovery, profiling, and threat detection—including the generation of continuously updated and unique trust scores for each device on the network—you can ignore the noise and focus on implementing rulesets to isolate or remove compromised devices from networks.

IoT Security Technology Powered By the Industry’s Leader in Content Categorization & Malicious Detection

The leader in providing content categorization and malicious detection for the web have designed the IoT Security Platform for integration with router and gateway manufacturers who want to bring advanced IoT security to their channel and customers. Providing effective IoT Security requires insight into a massive database of the web, with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of interactions between people, devices, websites, good bots, bad bots, and more. Knowing when a particular device is behaving properly and when that same device is misbehaving requires not just terabytes of data, but the abilities to process the data and connect the dots—such as when a device is no longer calling home to the mothership, but has instead starting making calls to or from a malware distribution site—all of these behaviors and more are required in order to determine good vs. bad behaviors and safe devices from devices that pose a risk to the network.

Designed For Device Manufacturers & OEMs

A Lightweight, Agentless Software Sensor Integrated in a Router, Gateway, or UTM.

At the heart of the zvelo IoT Security Platform is the “zENSOR”, a lightweight, hardware-agnostic software sensor. Designed for deployment on routers or gateways—the zENSOR continuously monitors the traffic on the local network and communicates with the zveloAI Cloud network to generate device profiles, trust scores and detect vulnerable and compromised devices.

Once installed, zENSOR automatically begins monitoring all network-connected devices. zENSOR observes unique behavioral fingerprints (MAC, OS, user-agents) and traffic patterns (DNS queries, API calls)—collaborating with the zveloAI Cloud Network for analysis, device profiling, and anomaly detection. Each device receives a trust score (“zSCORE”) based on trustworthiness, vulnerability potential, and reputation. That score is continuously updated as new data and events are observed.

zENSOR | Lightweight, Agentless IoT Software Sensor
Agentless Device Detection | zvelo IoT Security Technology
Agentless and Hardware-Agnostic

The zENSOR is a lightweight software sensor deployed on the router, gateway. The zENSOR is non-obtrusive and introduces zero network latency and can be deployed on a wide range of servers, appliances, UTMs, and more.

IoT Device Security Platform
Continuous Device Detection & Profiling

Continuous, event-based profiling provides immediate visibility to exactly what devices are connecting to the network.

Behavioral Anomaly Detection
AI-Powered Behavioral Anomaly Detection

The zveloAI Cloud performs constant behavioral analysis of the devices on the network, comparing and contrasting expected behaviors with actual behaviors of each device on the network, providing real-time detection of vulnerable and compromised devices.

Device Security, Automated Rulesets, Automation & Notification
Comprehensive Device Trust Scoring

As devices and events are analyzed—anomalous events and potential vulnerabilities are identified and returned in the form of a comprehensive device score based on trust, vulnerability potential, and reputation.

zvelo IoT Security Platform | Data Sheet

Introducing the zvelo IoT Security Platform

Intelligent Device Discovery, Behavioral Profiling, & Threat Analysis Designed for Router and Gateway Manufacturers. Take back control of your networks and security with agentless device security for all “BYOD” devices including laptops, cell phones, tablets, and wearables—as well as on-premises operational technology such as IoT sensors.

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