IoT Security for OEMs

We create the core technology and framework that powers successful IoT Security Solutions embedded in gateway, router, UTM, and similar offerings.

Addressing IoT Security Challenges

A complete IoT Security solution requires dynamic IoT device discovery and profiling — a solution capable of recognizing and identifying specific devices on a network even with no foreknowledge of what those devices may be or what function they perform. Ideal IoT security demands virtually every device in the network or enterprise — from household thermostats and appliances to Bluetooth devices, computers, and mobile devices — be accurately detected and profiled.

A comprehensive IoT Security solution delivers dynamic device discovery by uniquely inspecting all seven layers of a network-connected device’s OSI model, and then recognizing the unique fingerprint of the communications functions carried out by each connected device.

Once proper device discovery and profiling occur, anomalous activity detection can continuously analyze device behavior, then compare it to what is expected for enhanced network security. This is critical when security mechanisms built into an IoT device are ineffective or non-existent. Once a compromised or vulnerable device is detected, the IoT Security solution should immediately alert stakeholders, such as SysAdmins or end-users, to remediate the issues.

Finally, expect explosive IoT device growth in coming years. An IoT Security solution must scale easily to accommodate the massive number of potential devices and increased data to be analyzed, which requires advanced algorithms, cybersecurity expertise, and world-class responsiveness.

The zvelo IoT Security Offering for OEM Solutions

The zvelo IoT Security solution detects anomalous IoT and BYOD devices on a network and provides alerts when activity associated with malware, botnets, and out-of-date or vulnerable operating systems occurs. Device profiles and compromised device data is provided via an API, enabling OEM partners to ingest the data into their SysAdmin, MSSP, or other user interfaces.

Our IoT Security offering integrates a lightweight module into the UTM, gateway, or router to perform an agentless discovery of IoT and BYOD devices and monitors both devices and traffic. Since the zvelo solution agentless, it requires no specific deployment on the IoT or BYOD devices themselves.

Analysis in the zveloNET cloud profiles devices and detects compromised or vulnerable devices.

The resulting data is translated into a zSCORE (a device’s behavior-based risk assessment) along with additional enriched data, which can be used in IPS, Reporting, and Device/Session Management. Network solutions equipped with zvelo IoT Security can be configured to take specified actions automatically when anomalous behavior or traffic is detected.

Easy-to-Integrate API and Requires No Deployment on the Device Itself

Network security, router, gateway, UTM and other vendors can easily integrate zvelo IoT Security into their solution. In doing so, our OEM partners are able to maintain focus on their core competencies, spend more on sales enablement and the promotion of their solutions, and significantly reduce the time to bring their solution to market. SysAdmins and other user interfaces can ingest the device profiles and compromised device data through an API. Requires no deployment on the IoT/BYOD devices themselves.

Lightweight Agentless Sensor

Powered by zvelo’s advanced AI algorithms, the zENSOR is a probe integrated on a UTM, router or gateway device and is designed to monitor inbound and outbound traffic on the local network, whether WLAN, Bluetooth, LoRa, or other.

Device Discovery and Profiling of the IoT/BYOD Devices

zvelo IoT Security recognizes specific IoT or BYOD devices (including PCs, smartphones, tablets, printers, scanners, IP phones and systems, security video and alarm devices) that are connected or are joining a network. The solution continuously monitors the behavior of all devices for abnormal or malicious activity. The precision in being able to identify devices makes it possible to instantly detect irregular traffic and behavior with much more depth and detail than has been available in the market.

Compromised and Vulnerable Device Detection

Using advanced AI, machine learning and the expertise gleaned from over a decade of malicious detection, device activity and behaviors are compared with the profile of what the particular device “should” be doing — and devices exhibiting suspicious activity, vulnerable to exploits or compromised are identified.

zSCORE and Alerts

Generation of device profiles and zSCORE for every device, a score weighted for trustworthiness, vulnerability and reputation using an advanced AI algorithm utilizing the behaviors and other factors of the device. The zSCORE is continuously updated as more data points are observed on a device and transmitted to the owner/operator of the UTM, router, or gateway  where the zENSOR is integrated.

Major IoT Security Use Cases for Network Security, Router, Gateway, UTM and Other Vendors

Consumer Home Router Security – enable end-user applications to identify and detect devices that are anomalous

Enhanced Network Session Management – provide IPS/Firewall applications with data and signals for accepting or rejecting network session requests

Augment SysAdmin or MSSP Logs – provide enriched device data, including device name, O/S, and other unique qualifiers making it easy for Sysadmins to quickly identify devices on a network

Enhanced Network Security for the Rapidly Proliferating Threat of Vulnerable IoT Devices – immediate detection and notification of anomalous activity and compromised devices – enhances the cybersecurity protections of UTM/Routers/IPS/Firewalls

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