Industry-leading website, URL, content categorization, URL database and malicious website detection technologies exclusively for the OEM market.

zvelo's technologies consist of the following:
  • zveloDB® URL database – a comprehensive and dynamic database of categorized URLs.

  • Categorization Engine – a proprietary, artificial-intelligence based categorization engine that uses machine-learning statistical modeling to categorize new URLs across dozens of languages and is capable of detecting malicious, compromised and objectionable web content in real-time.

  • zveloNET® cloud network – zvelo’s distributed neural network for the real-time detection, inspection, categorization and verification of ActiveWeb* sites collected from the global user community.
zvelo’s focus is on continuously improving the accuracy, coverage, malicious website detection capabilities, and language support of its content categorization offerings in order to provide technology partners with the best URL database available. Check out zvelo in action in the OEM Partnership case studies.


*ActiveWeb – those websites visited by actual users.