The zveloDB® URL database is available as a "cloud-based" implementation via a lightweight zveloNET® cloud API, ideal for flash-based appliances, endpoint security, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices, and other deployments with limited or no hard-drive capacity. The simple thin-client API utilizes the DNS protocol and may be implemented to enable rapid, real-time URL look-ups to the zveloNET cloud, which is where zvelo’s web content and URL categorization systems, including the master zveloDB URL database, are hosted.

zveloNET® cloud API deployment, integration example for an endpoint security, anti-virus use case
Example zveloNET cloud API deployment for an endpoint security use case

Upon receiving a URL look-up request, zveloNET returns URL category values to the requesting application, with fast millisecond performance. The most frequently queried URLs can be cached on the local appliance or device to ensure optimal response times for the most popular websites.

The zveloNET global cloud network of fully-redundant, load-balanced data centers ensures 99.99% availability and superior performance.

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