The zveloDB® URL database is available as a lightweight, on-disk SDK implementation, making it a high performance and scalable deployment option ideal for hard drive-based appliances and servers. The zveloDB SDK provides support for 3 local databases and are as follows:

Custom Database
A “custom” database provides blacklist/whitelist options.

zveloDB CACHE®
The zveloDB CACHE is ideal for caching intra-day queries to the zveloNET® cloud (where the master zveloDB URL database is hosted), as well as zero-hour updates for malicious and blockable URL categories.

Optimized or Full zveloDB URL Database
The zveloDB is available as an optimized version with most popular, blockable and malicious URLs or the full URL database may be implemented that entails all 140+ content category types.

SDK on-disk deployment example of the zveloDB® URL Database for UTM, gateway appliance vendors
Example on-disk zveloDB SDK deployment for a UTM/appliance use case

URL queries from an OEM Partner’s web filtering application are made via a published API with microsecond response performance. URLs are classified on a granular level and the API is optimized to identify and return the most appropriate categories for different path and subdomain combinations on the same site.

The zveloDB SDK manages URL normalization, incremental local database updates, real-time zveloNET cloud look-ups, and custom URL categorizations or overrides. zvelo's proprietary database structure minimizes the memory footprint and hard drive I/Os. The zveloDB SDK deployment option is designed for easy integration into existing appliances with interfaces available in C, C++, Perl, Java and other languages supported by SWIG. The zveloDB SDK may be deployed at the data center for service providers who require maximum performance and control.

Updates to the zveloDB URL database can be downloaded intra-day or in real-time.

zvelo processes billions of URL queries daily, including categorization and malicious scanning of millions of new websites. With zvelo’s “zero-hour” update feature, newly categorized URLs are immediately available for future queries by OEM Partners and their users.

zvelo Instant Protection™
URLs categorized as any of the 10 malicious (e.g. botnet, malware distribution point, phishing/fraud, etc.) or blockable (e.g. porn, sex, hate, violence, etc.) categories, or are re-categorized are immediately pushed to the local SDKs’ database to provide Instant Protection for filtering or blocking against these types of sites. This is a great differentiator for zvelo’s OEM Partners.

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