zveloNET® is zvelo’s distributed cloud network of URL and web content categorization systems, processes and people.

zveloNET consists of data centers, the AutoCat cloud engine (short for automated categorization), multilingual quality assurance teams, the zveloLABS® organization dedicated to anti-malware research and innovation, and an ever-growing community of OEM Partners’ users.

zveloNET - URL, website, web content categorization systems, processes and people

Data Centers
zveloNET utilizes a globally distributed, fully redundant and load-balanced cloud network of data centers that deliver 99.99% availability to OEM Partners and their users. These data centers are strategically located in the Americas, Asia and Europe.


zveloNET cloud network's globally distributed, redundant data centers


The AutoCat (Cloud) engine – short for automated categorization – utilizes proprietary, artificial-intelligence technologies to categorize new URLs and dynamic web content across dozens of languages in near real-time at the zveloNET data centers.

The zveloCAT content categorization engine is designed to provide in-stream contextual content categorization for improved coverage and classification granularity for social media pages, blogging pages, forums, proxy sites, download sites, streaming sites, password-protected and log-in pages, and other web pages with protected, user-specific, or highly dynamic content. zveloCAT can even categorize email, IM chat and non-HTML documents and records.

zveloDB® URL Database
Consisting of over 500 million URLs, covering 6 billion web pages and in nearly 200 languages the zveloDB URL database provides the foundation for and can be licensed to enhance web and content filtering applications, endpoint security offerings, reputation services, ad inventory vetting, ad placement, brand safety and security solutions, web analytics and wherever accuracy, coverage, malicious website detection and fast URL query performance are required (see case studies). With 32 themed groups and nearly 500 categories, the zveloDB is the most comprehensive URL database available. Its categories can be mapped to a virtually unlimited number of optional category sets. zvelo licenses the zveloDB exclusively through technology partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

While URLs queried to the categorization systems and processes hosted on the zveloNET cloud stem from an ever-growing community of OEM Partners’ users, it is the talented people behind zvelo’s technologies that truly make a difference in assuring utmost accuracy and coverage of the ActiveWeb (real websites visited by actual users).

Web Analysts Quality Assurance
URLs and web content categorized by zvelo undergo strict monitoring and a continuous double-blind Quality Assurance verification process conducted by a team of multi-lingual web analysts, linguists and supervisors. This process proves most vital for critical “objectionable” categories such as porn, hate, violence, profanity, weapons and other inappropriate content. In addition, response is immediate to miscategorized URLs (miscats), providing a constant feedback loop to the AutoCat (Cloud) categorization systems and processes. Miscats can be easily reported via zvelo’s Test-a-Site tool.

zvelo’s categorization systems and processes are continuously enhanced by zveloLABS® – a team of software engineers, researchers and analysts – that aim to close the zero-hour coverage gap of most commercial anti-malware software. In addition to developing its own proprietary malicious detection capabilities, zveloLABS has malicious and signature sharing relationships with a wide range of third party security and anti-malware organizations to ensure the highest level of detection for threats ranging from botnets, malware distribution points and compromised sites, to sites being used for phishing, fraud and spam.

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