Accelerate and Scale with zvelo Professional Services

Leverage zvelo’s Professional Services as an additional resource to help accelerate and scale your projects.  zvelo has more than a decade of experience developing and deploying supervised training AI models for web classification systems and database integrations across web filtering, network security, brand safety, IoT Security, and more.

As a result, zvelo has expertise ranging from developing and training AI/ML models, creating training and testing data using advanced data annotation techniques, integrating URL databases in local, cloud, and hybrid deployments, and developing highly scalable AWS/EKS platforms. 

zvelo is now offering these services to partners to help accelerate time to market and delivery of highly differentiated products. 

Powerful AI and Machine Learning

AI/ML Modeling

Leverage zvelo’s decade of experience in developing high-performance AI/ML models, from model design, selection, testing, through to production. Specializing in human-supervised models for structured and unstructured web content and images, devices, and malicious detection.


Data Annotation

Accurate annotated data is critical for training and testing the most advanced AI/ML models and zvelo’s teams of experienced, multilingual web analysts have been providing high volume, highly accurate data annotation for over a decade.

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