zveloAPI Delivers Maximum Accuracy, Coverage, Flexibility and Scale.

zveloAPI enables you to access our powerful, human-supervised AI/ML web content classification and malicious detection services for fast, accurate and granular categorizations. The zveloAPI is ideal for applications that require classification of highly dynamic content at the page, post or article level. 

  • Easy to Use RESTful API Design
  • Fast Set-Up and Deployment
  • Highly Scalable Technology Platform
  • Unmatched Accuracy, Speed and Performance
  • Full-Path URL Classification for Dynamic Content
  • Single URL or Batch Query Processing
  • 500 Categories with Support for More Than 200 Languages
  • Query-Based or Reserved Capacity Pricing

zveloAPI Solutions

Precision, Performance, Scalability with Rapid Integration

The zveloAPI is designed for a wide range of applications where accuracy, speed, malicious detection and granularity of content classification are critical.


Parental Controls

Power your parental controls solution with Industry-leading threat and objectionable content detection for maximum protection against online threats and dangerous content.

zveloAPI endpoint security

Endpoint Security

Maximize endpoint security protection with zvelo’s advanced threat and objectionable content detection with a lightweight cloud API. 


Phishing Detection

Protect against phishing threats and brand targeting attacks through access to zvelo’s market-leading phishing detection services.


Threat Intelligence

Enrich your threat intelligence data by streaming zvelo’s phishing and malicious detections directly into your solutions.

Smart Routers and IoT Security

Smart Routers and IoT Security

Protect the IoT devices on your network by ensuring safe connections to appropriate websites or endpoints, and rapidly identifying threats like rogue device traffic and activities.

zvelo Brand Safety for Ad Tech Advertisers

Brand Safety Advertising

Ensure the placement of digital ads aligns with appropriate content to protect your corporate identity and brand image.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting and Advertising

Maximize ad spend and audience reach with rich, cookieless data insights into audience behaviors driven by zvelo’s powerful content classification engine.

IoT Device Security Technology for Router & Gateway Manufacturers

Web Filtering, Network Security or UTM Appliances

Deliver broad malicious and objectionable detection with customizable policy management profiles and reporting capabilities built upon zvelo’s highly granular content classification.


Subscriber Analytics

Translate subscriber activity into new revenue opportunities by improving churn management and enriching your behavior profiles.  

zveloAPI big data analytics

Market or Academic Research

Empower your teams to develop prototypes, conduct proof of concepts or implement other ‘one-time’ projects at a cost-effective rate with Query-based pricing.

zveloAPI cloud-based security

zveloAPI Software Developer Program

Help us make the web safer and more secure by creating new, innovative applications and solutions powered by zveloAPI — available at no cost to qualifying developers.  Learn more.

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