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zveloIoT provides IoT device discovery and detection of anomalous activity on networks

zvelo’s IoT sensor is deployed on your local network for device discovery, profiling and detection of anomalous activity and compromised devices.

Key Overview:

  • Lightweight module integrated into UTM/Router 
  • IoT sensor provides device profiles and trustworthy reputation scores to your UTM/Router/sysadmin
  • IoT sensor provides real-time notifications of anomalous activity and compromised devices
  • Data/results can be used in IPS, Reporting, Device/Session Management


zveloIoT Provides:

  • Discovery of IoT/BYOD and other devices on the network
  • Detection of anomalous activity and compromised devices
  • Generation of Device Profiles and zSCORE a zvelo innovation that uses a proprietary algorithm to produce a score weighted for trustworthiness, reputation and multiple other factors associated with the device
  • Customizable API to pass Device Profiles and zSCORE to UTM/Router services and applications
  • Active/Passive Monitoring of network and device activity
  • Continuous Updating of Profiles and zSCORE for all devices on network
  • Access to Global Repository of IoT profiles

zveloIoT Use Cases Including:

  • Enhanced Network Session Management – provide IPS/Firewall applications with data and signals for accepting or rejecting network session requests
  • Augment SysAdmin Logs – provide enriched device data, including device name, O/S, and other unique qualifiers making it easy for Sysadmins to quickly identify devices on a network
  • Enhanced Network Security for the rapidly proliferating threat of vulnerable IoT devices – immediate detection and notification of anomalous activity and compromised devices – enhances the cybersecurity protections of UTM/Routers/IPS/Firewalls

How zveloIoT Addresses the Problem:

zveloIoT integrates a lightweight module into the UTM/Router to perform an agent-less discovery of IoT devices and monitors both devices and traffic. Profile analysis to detects compromised/vulnerable IoT devices and signals/data are updated to local IoT Module database in the form of a zSCORE, which can be used in IPS, Reporting, Device/Session Management.

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