zveloLOGIC: the content categorization solution from zvelo, combines best-in-class classification with malicious and objectionable URL detection capabilities. It provides accurate insights into content, context, keyword and sentiment on a web page as well as unstructured content streams such as social media or RSS feeds.

Alignment of content and context is paramount to ensuring advertising messaging achieves optimal relevancy.  zveloLOGIC brings a new level of contextual relevancy and brand safety protection to the digital advertising ecosystem.

Content Categorization

  • Nearly 500 categories provide granularity to suit all taxonomies;  categories comply with IAB Tiers 1 and 2 or can be mapped to custom taxonomies
  • Accessible in microseconds via local implementation
  • Uncategorized sites and content updated in real-time
  • Identifies objectionable or non-brand safe content
  • Page level insights, including keyword recognition, sentiment about keywords and mobile app categorization will be available in early 2016
  • Interrogation of web pages, mobile apps and social stream

Malicious Detection

  • Interrogates threats at the URL level, identifying malicious content including malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware
  • New malicious website detections are updated in real-time
  • Actionable insights allow for immediate pre-bid blocking on impression opportunities from URLs known to be malicious or dangerous


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