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Content Dataset

Content Dataset

Market Leading Accuracy and Coverage for Web and Social Content Categorization…

Customers who subscribe to the Content dataset get the most comprehensive understanding of the web available today.

Key Benefits:

  • 99.9% Coverage of ActiveWeb
  • 200+ Languages
  • Domain, Page and Path Level
  • Tweets, Forums and Unstructured Content Support


zveloDP Content Dataset features include:

  • Nearly 500 categories
  • 200+ languages supported
  • 99.9% Coverage of the ActiveWeb
  • Categorizations at domain/sub-domain/page/path level
  • Categorizations for unstructured content/tweets/forums
  • Combines AI/ML with Human Supervised Analysis, QA and training to optimize accuracy
  • Multiple categories for pages with diverse content
  • zveloAPI supports individual queries, batch or streaming feeds
  • Combine with Keyword and Sentiment for deeper contextual understanding and insight

Use Cases:


  • Web Filtering
  • Parental Controls
  • Brand Safety
  • Subscriber Profiling
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Contextual Targeting
  • IAB Tier 1, 2
  • OpenRTB
  • Custom Category Mapping

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