Excellent Accuracy, Coverage, High-performance URL Database…

zvelo’s most popular URL datasets packaged for easy implementation on local servers, appliances or cloud access. For use with web filtering, brand safety, contextual targeting, and subscriber analytics.

Key Benefits:


zveloDB puts the market-leading URL database within reach for any budget and use case.

  • Coverage: zvelo’s network of several hundred million users ensures over 99.9% coverage of the active web traffic
  • Accurate: zvelo uses a combination of machine learning and human quality assurance to maintain high accuracy, and it is updated in real-time
  • Fast: zvelo makes a decision in about 5 microseconds by using a local SDK, supplemented by cloud updates of uncategorized urls
  • Granular: Nearly 500 different categories in over 200 languages
  • Adaptable: Exclusive category mapping provides seamless and transparent integration with your required taxonomies, including Enterprise, SMB and Mobile Web Filtering, IAB, MRC, and OpenRTB
  • Easy Integration: zveloDB is available in an easy-to-integrate API, with local SDK, cloud-based and/or fog deployment options.
  • Flexible Pricing: It is priced on a flexible basis, designed to mirror a vendor’s business model including user-based, appliance model-based, bandwidth-based and others

zveloDB is the ideal URL and IP database for a range of applications, including:

  • Web Filtering: from enterprise to SMB to parental controls, zveloDB provides flexible deployment and scalability options for virtually every deployment scenario, allowing for integration at data centers, on servers, appliances and endpoints
  • Brand Safety: zveloDB provides access to rich content, objectionable and malicious datasets to address brand safety and ad fraud concerns ensure media placements always align with a brand’s image
  • Contextual Targeting: zveloDB examines the content of a page to determine the context about brands, topics or keywords, in turn providing a rich data to buyers for reaching target audiences and to publishers for monetizing their inventory
  • Subscriber Analytics: zveloDB is invaluable in enriching any data analytics offering and can be used in sophisticated contextual targeting or predictive churn analysis – all designed to give Mobile Service Providers insight and actionable intelligence about their subscribers

A Compilation of our Most Popular Datasets

zveloDB provides exclusive “category mapping” technology that enables vendors to seamlessly migrate from an existing web filtering vendor, while retaining the category sets familiar to their end users for policies and reporting. Whether “on-disk” or cloud-based, zveloDB provides network and endpoint security vendors with the foundation for comprehensive web filtering and policy management solutions.

Content (Topic-based) Dataset

The Content (Topic-based) Dataset provides the most comprehensive understanding of the web available today.

  • 99.9% Coverage of Active Web
  • 200+ Languages
  • Domain, Page and Path Level
  • Tweets, Forums and Unstructured Content Support


Malicious Dataset

The industry’s definitive dataset of malicious host-names, IPs and full-path URLs that interrogates threats at the URL and IP level to identify malicious activities such as: malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware.

  • Identify phishing, fraud and emerging exploits from your network
  • Includes host-names, IPs and full-path URLs
  • Specifies threat/malicious category granularity
  • Industry leading detection coverage with internal detection audits
  • Billions of requests scanned each day, detections are continuously updated

Objectionable Dataset

zvelo’s Objectionable Dataset can identify inappropriate or non-brand safe content and is highly versatile suiting a wide variety of unique use cases.

  • Objectionable categories include: porn, hate speech, violence, etc.
  • Versatile list of categories allows dataset to be used in wide variety of cultural settings
  • Accommodates varying levels of severity to fit cultural sensitivity norms


Multiple Integration Options

From endpoint security to perimeter security to UTM vendors to hosted security providers, zvelo covers the broadest spectrum of flexible and easy-to-integrate deployment options including cloud-based API, a local SDK, or as a raw data stream.

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