zveloLIVE: Web Categorization

zvelo is the leading provider of Web Content Categorization, processing billions of URLs and IPs daily. URL categorization occur using nearly 500 highly granular, topic-based, objectionable, and malicious categories supporting over 200 languages. Check a URL category for yourself.

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Industry-Leading Coverage & Accuracy

zvelo provides unmatched Web Content Categorization and malicious detection of URLs for a wide range of datasets, including category values mapped to IAB taxonomy, malicious website detection, piracy, objectionable content, and more. Using proprietary hybrid categorization and detection techniques that combine Artificial Intelligence, Supervised Machine Learning & Human Quality Assurance, zvelo categorizes over 99% of the active web into nearly 500 categories and dozens of languages.

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The categorized URLs and IPs are integrated into applications and solutions of leading Information Security, Ad Tech, and IoT Security vendors through the use of a unique “category mapping” capability. zveloLIVE category values are “mapped” to the specific category taxonomy requirements of our partners.

For example, zvelo offers the following customized category mappings for:

  • Parental controls solutions
  • Web filtering for small business
  • Enterprise-level web filtering
  • Network security applications
  • Full IAB taxonomy when used for Ad Tech brand safety applications and dozens of other application use cases


URL Category Mappings

  • Content Categories: Nearly 500 highly granular content categories
  • IAB Tier 1: A broad level category definition; maps to tier 1 of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Tier 2: A more specific category definition nested under IAB Tier 1; maps to tier 2 of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Content Rating: An audience rating by age group; maps to content rating of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Non-Standard Content: Anomalous content categories; maps to non-standard content of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Illegal Content: Illegal content prohibited from sale; maps to illegal content of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • Brand Safe: Categorizes to determine whether content is brand safe or not
  • Malicious: Determines whether content is classified within various malicious categories, determine if a website is compromised
  • Objectionable: An audience rating of restricted content by age group such as offensive, unpleasant, distasteful, etc.


Reporting Miscategorized and False Positive URLs

zvelo emphasizes accuracy in its categorization and quality assurance processes, resulting in very low miscategorization (miscat) rates. We strive to have the most accurate URL database available; however, we recognize that miscats do happen. We’ve designed a number of systems and processes that enable miscats to be quickly addressed.

The zvelo team treats miscats with the highest priority. To report a miscat using zveloLIVE, use the URL Checker to submit miscats with the form that appears below the results.