An Introduction to zvelo, Inc.

Helping Make the Internet A Safer Place For All!

zvelo has been a pioneer in content categorization and malicious detection for over a decade. You could say it’s our DNA. Working with many of the market’s leading Network Security, Ad Tech, and Subscriber Analytics vendors has helped drive our innovation.

The zvelo culture is built on a commitment to quality and responsiveness. We are passionate about providing the best datasets in the market, combined with the best responsiveness you will find from any business partner. And, our relationships with the Anti-Phishing Work Group, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the Internet Watch Foundation—among others—play a vital role in demonstrating a consistent commitment to making the web making the web safer.

zvelo is a US company headquartered in Denver, Colorado with an additional office in the Philippines.

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Headquarters | Greenwood Village, Colorado

Over 75 Years of Combined Excellence!

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We Categorize the Web®

Over 20 Years of Expertise in Web Filtering, Content Categorization, & Malicious Detection

Highly Granular 500 Categories

Web Content

We empower OEM Partners by categorizing the ActiveWeb into 500 unique Topic-based, objectionable, and malicious categories at the domain and full-path level. We do this and are able to boast an industry-leading 99.9%+ Coverage with over 99% Accuracy.

99.9% Coverage of the ActiveWeb

Web Traffic

We identify and categorize web traffic as well at the URL/IP-level—breaking traffic types down into human, low-quality traffic (LQT), and Non-Human Traffic (NHT or Bots). This is ideal for Ad Fraud Prevent, DDoS mitigation, and advanced threat intelligence.

IoT Device Security Platform

Web-Connected Devices

We also provide dynamic device discovery, profiling, and threat detection. The zveloAI Cloud network performs continuous, real-time analysis to help our partners understand device behavior and implement security measures for consumer networks all over the world.

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Have a passion for building elegant data systems and solutions? Explore the career opportunities at zvelo. We are using advanced AI and Machine Learning to build scalable data solutions used by nearly 600 Million end users worldwide!