Powerful Cyber Threat Intelligence and Web Classification Data Solutions

zvelo’s passion is to make the internet safer and more secure by providing the industry’s premium cyber threat intelligence and web classification data services.

zvelo’s proprietary AI-based threat detection and web content categorization technologies, combines curated domains, threat and other data feeds, with a global clickstream from its partner network of 600+ million users to provide unmatched visibility, coverage, reach and accuracy for powering applications including web filtering, endpoint security, brand safety and contextual targeting, and others, as well as enriching threat intelligence and analysis.

zvelo Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence for Blocking & Threat Research

zveloCTI™ provides curated, high veracity, actionable data on phishing, malicious and suspicious new domains that Threat Intelligence Teams can ingest for analysis and enrichment.  zveloCTI curated feeds deliver the rich metadata and insights necessary for actionable Threat Intelligence.

Phishing Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

Phishing Detection for Blocking & Threat Research

PhishBlockList delivers curated phishing intelligence for comprehensive protection against active phishing threats in the wild.  More than just phishing detection, PhishBlockList is enriched with additional metadata attributes like date detected, targeted brand, and other crucial data points.

Malicious Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

Malicious Detection for Blocking & Threat Research

zvelo’s best-in-class threat and exploit detection solutions for malware, phishing, fraud, botnets, and spyware, are delivered through partners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to power the leading MSSPs, ISPs, TELCOs, and Network Security offerings across the globe.

URL Classifications for Web Filtering and Parental Controls

URL Database for Web Filtering & Parental Controls

Web filtering and parental control solutions are all about providing the very best protection. Combine that with an easy-to-integrate API and the industry’s best, most responsiveness customer service. Whether DNS-based or you require full-path, page-level URL support, zvelo’s AI-powered web content categorization and malicious detection solutions offer maximum coverage and accuracy for premium protection.

URL Classifications for Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting

URL Database for Brand Safety & Contextual Targeting

Match your client’s brand and advertising to the content—eliminate costly and embarrassing ad placement that damages reputations by delivering the market’s leading brand safety database. Protect your customer’s reputations and advertising investments through the most accurate and granular categorization available.

URL Classifications for Mobile and Subscriber Analytics

URL Database for Mobile Service Provider & Subscriber Analytics

The zvelo categorization services allow you to submit unstructured content, logs and more, and receive highly accurate and relevant dataset output you can use to generate sophisticated data models and tools to increase Average Revenue Per User, decrease churn, and provide product differentiation that drives customer loyalty and superior protection.

Explore Partner Successes In Your Industry

At zvelo, we empower our OEM Partners with scalable data services and solutions to increase product viability and ROI. zvelo works with some the leading security vendors, ad tech publishing platforms, and device manufacturers—deploying fully-managed enterprise-grade data solutions and the scalable infrastructure for them. See how you extend your product functionality and gain a competitive advantage.