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zvelo is the leading provider of web content classification and malicious detection services and databases which are integrated by industry stalwarts across a wide range of applications including web filtering, brand safety, subscriber analytics, endpoint security and other application use cases across nearly every market. The zvelo taxonomy includes nearly 500 categories from malicious, phishing, and other threats to adult, hate, violence, jihadi, child sex abuse and everything in between with support for over 200 languages.
Custom Device Database | Built to Protect Your Network


Market-leading classified URL database with excellent accuracy, coverage, updating and performance — ideal for integration with web filtering, parental controls, contextual targeting, brand safety, and more where local deployment and very fast lookups are required.

zveloAPI cloud-based security


API access to powerful, human-supervised AI/ML web classification and malicious detection services for fast, accurate and granular categorizations. Ideal for applications that require classification of highly dynamic content at the page, post or article level. 

AI-Powered Phishing Protection


Maximize coverage and protection against active and emerging phishing URLs and zero-day threats with zvelo’s AI-powered phishing detection system.

zvelo Advanced Artificial Intelligence | Cloud-based Analysis Platform

Professional Services

Leverage zvelo’s expertise in classified web database integration, AI/ML Modeling, Data Annotation, and more.