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Emotet: An In-Depth Document Analysis

This report plus video from zvelo’s cybersecurity team details a step-by-step deconstruction of the Emotet malicious code hidden in a word document.


Premium Cyber Threat Intelligence and URL Classification Data Services

zvelo’s proprietary AI-based threat detection and URL classification technologies combines curated domains, threat and other data feeds, with a traffic stream from its partner network of 600+ million users to provide unmatched visibility, coverage, reach and accuracy for powering applications including web filtering, endpoint security, brand safety and contextual targeting, and others, as well as enriching Threat Intelligence and analysis.

Cyber Threat Intelligence for OEMs, MSSPs, Cybersecurity | zvelo

Cyber Threat Intelligence

zveloCTI provides curated, high veracity, actionable Threat Intelligence data on phishing, malicious and suspicious new domains. When you need more than just malicious and phishing detections, zveloCTI curated feeds deliver the rich metadata and insights necessary for actionable Threat Intelligence.

Malicious URL Detection for OEMs, Cybersecurity | zvelo

Malicious URL Detection and Threat Intelligence

Malicious Detailed Detection Feed delivers curated intelligence which identifies, confirms, and enriches malicious URLs and files with a range of metadata attributes such as date detected, malware family, and many key intelligence attributes which can be used for further analysis and enrichment.

Phishing Detection for Cybersecurity | zvelo

Phishing Detection and Threat Intelligence

The PhishBlockList feed delivers curated phishing intelligence for comprehensive protection against active phishing threats in the wild.  More than just detections, PhishBlockList is enriched with additional metadata attributes like date detected, targeted brand, and other crucial data points.

Web Filtering & Parental Controls for OEMs | zvelo

Web Filtering & Parental Controls

Protect your users, networks, and devices with the industry’s best web security and parental controls solution. Go beyond DNS filtering with and deliver protections which support full-path URL classification at the domain, sub-domain, even page, post or article level.

Brand Safety & Contextual Targeting For Ad Tech | zvelo

Brand Safety & Contextual Targeting

Match advertisements to content on the page-level while eliminating costly ad placements that damage brand reputation. Protect your customers’ reputation, budget, and investments with zveloDB.

Mobile & Subscriber Analytics For Telecom, Apps, OEMs | zvelo

Mobile & Subscriber Analytics

AI-based URL categorization systems enable datafication and modeling huge amounts of logs and network data. Increase ARPU, decrease churn, and capitalize on user trends while building loyalty.

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Curated Intelligence for Comprehensive Protection Against Active Phishing Threats in the Wild

zvelo’s AI-powered Phishing Intelligence detects phishing threats within the ActiveWeb traffic and other sensor-based data streams to deliver a richly packaged feed of highly curated and validated phishing threats that are enriched with additional metadata attributes like date detected, targeted brand, and other crucial data points.

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