PhishBlocklist™ | Market-Leading Coverage and Detection Speed

Maximum Protection Against the Active Phishing Threats That Lead to Ransomware and Breaches

PhishBlocklist™, one of the zveloCTI™ Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds, has proven market-leading detection coverage and speed of active phishing threats from the global   ActiveWeb traffic stream across web surfing, email, SMS/text and other applications.  Combined with highly curated third party phishing sources, PhishBlocklist provides validated phishing threats that are enriched with additional metadata attributes like date detected, targeted brand, and other crucial data points. 

  • Unique Phishing Detections – 30%+ More Threats Detected
  • Faster Detection – Up to 65% Faster Than Other Feeds
  • Lowest False Positive Rates – Ranging From 0.1% – 0.15%
  • Metadata Attributes for High Contextual Relevancy and Forensic Analysis
  • Real-Time, Continuous Updates
  • Curated 3rd Party Feeds + zvelo Proprietary Data
  • 99.9%+ ActiveWeb Coverage — 600+ Million Endpoints
  • Fast, Easy API Integration and Deployment

Identify Emerging Threats to Proactively Block Phishing Attacks  

Maximize Protection Against Active Phishing Threats in the Wild with PhishBlocklist

Independent testing has confirmed the PhishBlocklist provides an average of 30% greater overall protection compared to other commercial phishing and endpoint protection offerings, and more than double the coverage of open-source feeds.  

phishing detection for blocking and threat research

Unique Phishing Detections

Advanced AI-based, proprietary technology detects unique phishing threats earlier and more accurately than other providers, to neutralize emerging threats when they are most dangerous.

Global Clickstream

Massive Volume of ActiveWeb Traffic

URLs from surfing, text, SMS, email, and IoT traffic of more than 600 million endpoints supply continuous and comprehensive visibility into global ActiveWeb traffic.

Rich Metadata Attributes

Metadata Attributes for Contextual Relevance

Rich metadata accompanies full-path phishing URLs, so you can communicate the context of specific phishing threats like date detected, active/offline status, targeted brand, and more.

Real-Time Phishing URL Detection

Real-Time Phishing Detection

Newly identified phishing threats immediately propagate to global database deployments to maximize protection against emerging, and zero-hour phishing threats.

Curated Phishing Intelligence

Curated Phishing Intelligence

PhishBlocklist leverages the ActiveWeb traffic stream, along with other sensor-based data streams and proprietary data sources, to identify and validate active phishing threats.

Real-Time Continuous Updates

Real-Time, Continuous Updates

zvelo’s global AI-based network continuously monitors and analyzes ActiveWeb traffic and proprietary data sources to identify new phishing threats as they mutate and change.

Detect and Block Phishing Threats Before They Can Execute

Advanced Phishing Threat Detection for ISPs, Telcos, CASBs, MSSPs, SIEM, SASE, UTM Vendors, and more…

PhishBlocklist provides unmatched visibility, coverage, reach and accuracy for powering applications that protect users and devices from active and emerging phishing threats, including zero-day and zero-hour threats. This AI-powered phishing threat intelligence feed delivers market-leading performance in detecting, predicting, and identifying thousands of new phishing threats on the ActiveWeb daily — along with unique phishing detections and threats not found in ANY other phishing feed.

  • Web Filtering & Parental Controls
  • Email Security 
  • SMS/Text Smishing Detection
  • Secure Web Gateways
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) 
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • Enterprise Network Administration

Power Your Threat Protection with zveloCTI™

Maximum Precision, Efficacy and Protection Against Evolving and Emerging Threats

PhishBlocklist is one of the Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds in the zveloCTI product family, and is specifically focused on identifying and validating active phishing threats to produce deep insights and intelligence, rather than just detections.  For more comprehensive protection against a broader range of other threats and exploits, zveloCTI offers additional Threat Intelligence feeds for further enrichment and analysis.

Phishing Detection for Blocking and Threat Research


The PhishBlocklist feed delivers curated phishing intelligence for comprehensive protection against active phishing threats in the wild.  More than just detections, PhishBlocklist is enriched with additional metadata attributes like date detected, targeted brand, and other crucial data points.

Malicious Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

Malicious Detailed Detection Feed

Malicious Detailed Detection Feed delivers curated malicious intelligence data which identifies, confirms, and enriches malicious IOCs with a range of metadata attributes such as date detected, malware family, and many key intelligence attributes which can be used for further analysis and enrichment.

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