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500 Categories. 99.9%+ Coverage and Over 99% Accuracy of the ActiveWeb.

zveloDB™ is the market’s premium URL database and web content categorization service, providing best-in-class accuracy and coverage. The zveloDB supports nearly 500 topic-based, malicious, phishing, objectionable and sensitive categories, powering the world’s leading Web Filtering and DNS Filtering, Endpoint Security, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Brand Safety, Contextual Targeting, Subscriber Analytics, and other applications.

zvelo collects, processes, and analyzes a continuous stream of URLs, representing the ActiveWeb traffic generated by its partner networks which service more than 1 billion end users globally. The zveloDB uses a proprietary AI-based URL classification engine to accurately categorize content, as well as detect objectionable, sensitive, malicious and phishing threats. zveloDB provides more than 99% coverage and accuracy of the ActiveWeb, and deployment options include local cache, cloud API, and data feed.

  • More than 99% ActiveWeb Coverage & Accuracy
  • ActiveWeb Traffic From 1 Billion Users and Endpoints Globally
  • ~500 Unique Content Categories
  • 200+ Languages Supported
  • Custom Category Mapping
  • Daily & Real-Time Updates
  • Flexible Deployment Options

zveloDB URL Classification Types

Granular Taxonomy For Maximum Precision and Efficacy

zveloDB supports nearly 500 topic-based, malicious, phishing, objectionable and sensitive categories to support a broad range of use cases and applications.

Topic Based URL Classifications

Topic-Based Classifications

More than 99% coverage and accuracy for web content categorization into nearly 500 categories with support for more than 200 languages. zvelo’s exclusive category mapping provides seamless integration with your required taxonomies.

Objectionable & Sensitive URL Classifications

Objectionable Detections

Real-time URL classifications of porn, hate speech, terrorism, child sexual abuse, violence, fake news, and more, providing a wide range of options for safety and protection against objectionable and sensitive content.

Malicious Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

Malicious and Phishing Detections

Proprietary malicious and phishing detections, combined with highly curated third party feeds, provides the market’s most comprehensive, high veracity threat protection against emerging threats.

The zveloDB URL Classification Database Delivers Unmatched Quality and Veracity

  • More Than 99% ActiveWeb Coverage and Accuracy.  zvelo maintains more than 99% coverage and accuracy of ActiveWeb URLs that are visited by our partners’ networks of 1 billion endpoints and users.
  • ~500 Unique Categories.  Our granular taxonomy offers nearly 500 unique categories, providing excellent control, targeting and filtering options for our partners.
  • 200+ Languages Supported.  The industry’s best language support by country, covering more than 200 languages worldwide — and backed by human-supervised machine learning systems.
  • Custom Category Mapping.  This exclusive zveloDB feature enables you to map our categories to virtually any taxonomy of your choosing
  • Daily & Real-Time Updates.  zveloDB provides continuous updates for newly categorized URLs throughout the day, ensuring your application has up-to-the-minute accuracy. Learn more about zvelo Instant Protection (zIP).

zveloDB Applications and Use Cases

  • Web Filtering & Parental Controls
  • DNS Filtering & DNS RPZ
  • Email Filtering
  • Endpoint Security
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Brand Safety
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Subscriber Analytics
  • Enterprise Network Administration
  • Ideal for ISPs, Telcos, CASBs, MSSPs, SIEM, IPS, UTM Vendors, and other Applications

Flexible Deployment

zveloDB Offers Several Deployment Options for Fast, Easy, and Seamless Integration of the URL Database

zvelo-icons-2021-lt-bkgrnd_zveloDB Local SDK

Local SDK

The zvelo SDK is a modular architecture for local, optimized instances of zvelo’s ActiveWeb URL Cache. It can be installed on a local server or cloud network to provide ultra high-speed performance for URL lookups. Based on device requirements — the SDK enables you to choose between a ‘small’(~1GB) or ‘large’ (~8GB) cache of URLs.

zveloDB DNS Cloud

Cloud API

The zveloDB Cloud API deployment enables URL queries and category value responses making it ideal for applications with limited local RAM/HDD resources.

zveloDB Data Feed

Data Feed

The zveloDB Data Feed is a ‘one-way’ feed of newly classified and updated URLs. The data feed provides daily snapshots and hourly delta updates for partners that have the ability and infrastructure to ingest massive amounts of data directly into their systems.

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