zveloCAT™ is the Ultimate Real-Time URL Classification Service

zveloCAT™ empowers you to build custom solutions and applications that take advantage of highly accurate, full-path URL classifications for web content categorization.  Accessible via API, zveloCAT provides direct access to the zveloAI Platform and our industry-leading categorization engine through single or batch URL queries to deliver real-time classification results.  zveloCAT can be queried with base domain, sub-domain, or full-path URLs and is ideal for use cases that require highly accurate classifications at the page, post and/or article level.

  • More than 99% accuracy
  • Real-time URL classifications
  • API deployment
  • Full-path URL classification for dynamic content
  • ~480 categories with support for more than 200 languages
  • Single URL or batch query processing
  • Query-based or reserved capacity pricing

zveloCAT Delivers Web Classification Beyond the Base Domain URL Categories

The zveloCAT URL classification system is a real-time categorization engine which is able to deliver full path classifications for URL queries.  zveloCAT uses a proprietary AI-based URL classification engine to accurately classify content using a deeply granular taxonomy for topic-based, objectionable and sensitive categories.

Highly Granular 500 Categories

Topic-Based URL Classifications

More than 99% coverage and accuracy for web content categorization into ~480 categories with support for more than 200 languages. zvelo offers an exclusive category mapping that provides seamless and transparent integration with your required taxonomies.


Objectionable URL Classifications

Real-time classifications of porn, hate speech, terrorism, child sexual abuse, violence, fake news, and more, providing a wide range of options for protection and safety.

Need Phishing and Malicious URL Coverage?

zveloCTI™ Delivers Meticulously Curated Data for Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence

zveloCTI provides curated, high veracity, actionable data on phishing, malicious and suspicious new domains that Threat Intelligence Teams can ingest for analysis and enrichment. When you need more than just malicious and phishing detections, zveloCTI curated feeds deliver the rich metadata and insights necessary for actionable Threat Intelligence.

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zveloCAT Use Cases

Precision Real-Time URL Classifications From Base Domain to the Page, Post, or Article Level

zveloCAT is designed for a wide range of applications where accuracy, speed, and granularity of content classification are crucial.


Browser Isolation and Secure Surfing

Power your browser isolation and secure surfing solution with the market’s premier URL classification engine to deliver maximum protection against online objectionable or sensitive content.

zvelo Brand Safety for Ad Tech Advertisers

Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting

Ensure the placement of digital ads aligns with appropriate content to protect your corporate identity and brand image and maximize ad spend.


Text/SMS/Chat Monitoring and Filtering

Ensure safety and security across messaging and communication platforms to protect against dangerous or sensitive content and online threats lurking at the page, post and or article level.


Subscriber Analytics

Translate subscriber activity into new revenue opportunities by improving churn management and enriching your behavior profiles.  


Protection Beyond the Base Domain URL Categories

The zveloCAT URL classification system is a real-time categorization engine which is able to deliver full path classifications for URL queries. zvelo collects, processes, and analyzes a continuous stream of URLs, representing the ActiveWeb traffic generated by its partner networks which service more than 600+ million end users globally. zveloCAT uses a proprietary AI-based categorization engine to accurately classify topic-based content, as well as objectionable and sensitive content.

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