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Featured Webinar  |  Recorded on November 3, 2021

2021 Malicious Trends:  Understanding the Impact and Implications

Please listen as zvelo’s Head of Cybersecurity, Brad Rhodes, presents findings from the zveloCTI 2021 Malicious Trends Report, and discusses what those findings may indicate as we move into 2022.  This this webinar will focus on several key observations from the threat report which reveal the attack methodologies Malicious Cyber Actors (MCA) are using, and how understanding these Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) can help organizations improve their defense posture and lower their cyber risk.

During this presentation, some of the things you’ll learn about include:

  • What the extensive use of .com TLDs in malicious attacks indicates about how MCAs operate and how to use that information to mitigate your cyber risks.
  • Which types of phishing attacks are most prevalent and which industries are the hottest targets.
  • The dichotomy of malicious vs phishing attacks and the use of HTTP vs HTTPs.
  • Detecting threats in full-path URLs vs domain and subdomains to understand how much you may be missing that exponentially increases your cyber risk.

The intended audience for this webinar includes Cyber Defenders, Threat Researchers, Cybersecurity Analysts, Network Security Professionals, Threat Intelligence Analysts, and Cybersecurity Leaders.

Understanding the CTI Process

Presentation from RMISC Virtual Event, June 8-10, 2021

During this 40 minute presentation, Brad Rhodes, Head of Cybersecurity at zvelo, discusses the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Process, explaining what it is, who uses it, how it’s used, use case scenarios and why it’s important to organizations both large and small.

Mobile Forensic Investigations

#Forensic #HappyHour with @MarioSamolis is all about #salty #cybersecurity and of course #beer #malware #threathunting​. 

A Dash of Cyber...

A Dash of Cyber…

Hosted by Ron Craig, and featuring Alexandre BLANC, Rod Lewis and zvelo’s own Brad Rhodes.  This 30 minute session is a discussion on how to close the gaps on visibility so you can make better informed decisions to lower risk. Watch the video.


Current Cyber Threats & Impact of Solar Winds

From tools of the trade, to attack surfaces & vectors, to current cyber threats, to the impact of Solar Winds — this presentation is packed with valuable insights for defenders.  Watch Now.

Combating Online Influence and Manipulation

This video presentation from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) offers valuable insight around combating online influence and manipulation from malicious threat actors.

Emotet:  An In-Depth Document Analysis

The video provides a practical defender’s perspective of Emotet’s initial infection mechanisms and how understanding them can better protect your organization.

zvelo and Coronavirus:  ProActive Research and Trends

This video presentation from zvelo’s cybersecurity team shares data insights and emerging trends in observed potentially malicious online behavior around the Coronavirus pandemic — geographical naming, redirection to potentially malicious content, domain ages, and malicious traffic via third parties.

Netgear Vulnerability Exploit Demonstration Video

Once you see this vulnerability in action you can easily see how this exploit can be used to create havoc. If someone does take control of your router, they can easily infect or target other IoT devices.

Adventures in Buying Internet Traffic

Mark Ryan Talabis, Chief Security Scientist at zvelo, dives into processes and implications of buying internet traffic, along with ways the industry can combat this problem.