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zvelo Provides URL Categorization for Growing Social Networking Platform

PLUM Groups, a growing social networking company, required a highly granular and accurate website categorization feed to track, analyze, and group user interests and behavior at scale in order to provide anonymous user-specific curated feed results and connections.

PLUM Groups - People Like You & Me | Social Networking

PLUM | People Like You And Me

PLUM, or People Like You and Me, is an up and coming social networking company that provides a platform for engagement without the standard “follow/like” networking approach. PLUM enables users to anonymously connect and engage with online communities and content of their choosing—and do so in a non-pervasive manner. In order to support their approach and improve user experience, PLUM came to the conclusion that they needed high-quality web categorization to perform content analysis. They chose zvelo as their Web Categorization and Data Solution provider.

Social Networking Platform | Website Categorization

Business Challenge

PLUM needed a solution for analyzing and understanding user’s web traffic behaviors in order to create highly accurate, intent-based community “groups”. They also identified that the implementation of a traditional “user on-boarding” method (manual selection of topics & interests) added friction to the process and provided a limited and “static” snapshot that failed to evolve over time or allow for more nuanced behavior classification.

PLUM decided that implementing a categorization system for content analysis would provide value and competitive features based on their user’s actual behaviors.

  • Categorize Website Traffic: Perform content analysis on a large amount of URLs for tens of thousands of users.
  • Create Groups based on User Interests and Behaviors: Use analyzed websites to create connections and valuable resources for engagement and segmentation.
  • Determine a Cost Effective, Seamless Service: A solution that integrates into existing infrastructure with minimal oversight and maintenance requirements.

The Solution

After evaluating a number of categorization tools and options, PLUM decided that licensing a high-performance URL database with real-time content categorization—rather than building a solution in-house—was the best option. After identifying zvelo and several other categorization offerings—they performed a thorough evaluation.

They determined the most important criteria for selecting an offering were:

  • High Number of Unique Categories: More categories provides granular understanding and segmentation. zvelo offers 489 unique categories.
  • Coverage & Accuracy: zvelo’s web categorization provides industry-leading 99.9% coverage and 99% accuracy of ActiveWeb URLs.
  • Ease of Implementation: Ability to plug-and-play with a web categorization service that analyzes URLs and returns usable data—and without requiring full time maintenance/support for the service.
  • Speed & Performance: zvelo’s local SDK provides 5 microsecond lookup performance (provides 200,000+ queries per second / database)
  • Flexible Licensing Costs: As a startup social  offering, cost was a critical component. zvelo’s solution was selected in part, because of our flexible pricing (traffic-based, cpm options)

zveloDB™ Stats

% Coverage
% Accuracy

Implementation & Benefits

Once they chose zvelo, PLUM was able to get “up and running” with the zveloDB SDK within a day—and fully integrated the categorization database into their social offering in just a couple of weeks. zveloDB provided a streamlined and lightweight solution for analyzing user traffic and provided measurable improvements in understanding user behaviors and web trends.

Additionally, their social platform uses zvelo’s Objectionable Dataset to filter and remove undesirable content from user results. This provided an additional level of security that would protect user’s in the event of a data breach—if hackers were able to identify users and their traffic patterns.

“We researched many other content categorization products and solutions and went with zvelo for four primary reasons. zvelo provided a wide range of categories which allowed us to match most of the top level passions and concerns that cause people to seek out people like themselves. Second, we were able to utilize some of the categories to purposefully omit specific interests and topics from user’s browsing data—and from the platform as a whole. This provides added privacy and security for all of our users. Thirdly, we needed a scalable solution that was easy to implement and low-cost to maintain. Finally, as a startup, zvelo provided the best solution for us at a competitive price.”

– Russell Cowdrey, Founder

zvelo is 100% OEM focused and a proud partner of PLUM—as well as other companies using our industry-leading web categorization and data solutions to power a safer and more secure internet.

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