Market-Leading Accuracy and Coverage for Web Content Categorization

Empower your systems with the most comprehensive understanding of the web available today.

zvelo’s Content Dataset offers industry-leading coverage and accuracy for categorizing the hundreds of millions of URLs that comprise the active web. It is ideal for use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls features, for Mobile Service Providers and Subscriber Analytics with Audience and Customer Profiling, as well as for Ad Tech with Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety options.

Ideal For These Applications:

  • Web Filtering & Parental Controls
  • Customer Profiling & Subscriber Analytics
  • Network and Mobile Data Analysis
  • Contextual Targeting for Advertisers
  • Brand Safety for Publishers & Platforms

Designed For OEM Partners

zvelo’s Content Dataset provides industry-leading accuracy and coverage of the active web. With 500 highly granular categories and 99.9% coverage—we power partner’s solutions and services in web filtering, parental controls, brand safety, bandwidth management, contextual targeting, subscriber profiling and analytics, and more.

Taxonomies & Custom Mappings

Content dataset partners can take advantage of taxonomies like IAB Tiers 1 and 2 and OpenRTB. For partners looking to implement custom categories into a web filtering or other application—zvelo offers custom mapping features and professional services to take OEM offerings to the next level.

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Key Features Include:

  • Nearly 500 categories
  • 200+ languages supported
  • 99.9% Coverage of the ActiveWeb
  • Categorizations at domain/sub-domain/page/path level
  • Categorizations for unstructured content/tweets/forums
  • Combines AI/ML with Human Supervised Analysis, QA and training to optimize accuracy
  • Multiple categories for pages with diverse content
  • zveloAPI supports individual queries, batch or streaming feeds
  • Combine Keyword + Sentiment for deeper contextual understanding and insight

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