Website categorization and URL database solutions for various OEM markets.

zvelo provides the best-in-class zveloDB® URL database, zveloNET® cloud network, and zveloCAT® contextual content categorization engine to online advertising, big data analytics, service provider, mobile carrier, endpoint and network security, web filtering and parental controls, and other high growth and emerging markets exclusively through Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) licensing partnerships. Designed for the most flexible on-disk SDK and/or cloud API  implementation options, the zveloDB and zveloCAT can serve as the foundation for, or to enhance, web filtering, parental controls, reputation filtering, browser plug-ins, ad inventory vetting/reporting, brand safety, big data visualization and analytics and other applications that require the most accurate categorization and coverage of the ActiveWeb*, as well as zero-hour detection and protection against malicious websites.

Read about zvelo in action in the OEM Technology Partnership case studies.

*ActiveWeb – those websites and content visited by actual users.