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Ad Tech – Brand Safety, Ad Fraud Prevention

AD TECH: Delivering Brand Safety, Ad Fraud Prevention and Botnet/NHT Detection

Ad Tech is a high-growth, dynamic industry grappling with key challenges that impact ROI for buyers and yield for publishers.  Learn how zvelo Ad Tech customers benefit from zvelo solutions. 

Programmatic platforms in general, and real-time bidding (RTB) in particular, enable dynamic audience targeting at scale, as well as, considerable operational efficiencies.  However, along with the benefits of RTB buying are issues tied to loss of publisher transparency, concerns about publisher quality, and issues related to brand safety — all of which were previously kept in check via premium purchasing relationships.  Beyond brand safety and ad fraud, delivering optimal campaign performance also requires deep, rich targeting insights which can sometimes be hard to glean in programmatic or RTB environments.

zvelo’s rich content, contextual and malicious datasets empower ad tech stakeholders to address brand safety and ad fraud concerns while maximizing audience relevance via contextual targeting ensuring alignment of content to campaign and providing the data driving the next generation of Programmatic, Native, Social and Mobile Advertising platforms.

Our zveloDP™ data platform serves both the buy side and sell side of the ad tech ecosystem.


Ad Fraud Prevention, Detection and Reporting

zvelo provides ad fraud prevention and botnet/NHT detection, as well as, malicious detection of URLs with the industry’s only real-time dual decisioning pre-bid solution.

zveloDP provides a real-time feed of botnet/NHTdetections, as well as Low Quality Traffic (LQT) and Invalid Traffic (IVT). This empowers buy-side platforms with actionable data to preemptively filter out fraudulent or malicious traffic and malware, with no latency.

Sell-side platforms can filter out impression opportunities originating from unwanted traffic, whether it be NHT (non-human, bot), low quality or malicious, prior to being offered up to bidders. zveloDP’s Insights Dashboard also delivers transparent campaign reporting at the domain as well as the page-level.

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Traffic Quality Analysis

Publishers have insufficient insight into their traffic, relying on brand reputation and content to drive visitors and advertisers. With the concern over ad fraud related bot traffic, they need a means to analyze and validate the traffic quality and safety of their site.  zveloDP™ detection enables publishers to monitor the type of traffic visiting their site(s) providing insight into if the traffic is human, non-human (bot) or low-quality.  zveloDP™ arms publishers with the data necessary to maximize results of audience extension efforts.

Similarly, exchanges and SSPs need to block impressions originating from bot traffic in order to protect their bidders.  zveloDP™ prevention informs these platforms with the data necessary to filter out bid requests containing IPs from confirmed bots, as well as malicious URLs containing malware.

To learn more about Detection & Prevention with zveloDP™, click here


Brand Safety, Contextual Targeting and Content Categorization

zveloDP delivers best-in-class content categorization accuracy, coverage, language, speed and responsiveness by combining artificial intelligence and human-supervised machine learning.  zvelo customers, who represent over 500 million end users, benefit from 99.9% coverage of the active web, with 489 categories of granularity, and support for over 200 languages.  The processing power, reach and speed of zvelo technology delivers the fastest real-time updates available today.

The dynamic semantic targeting data provided by zveloDP arms buy-side platforms with powerful targeting and accurate insight into the impression opportunities while sell-side stakeholders can examine the content, context, keyword and sentiment of a page, article or unstructured data such as social media streams.  zvelo delivers the contextual targeting that commands higher eCPMs and ultimately higher yield on inventory. zveloDP brings a new level of  relevancy, brand safety, and objectionable inventory analysis, to finally enable true transparency in the digital advertising world.

Brand Safety

The critical need for brand safety in advertising is not new, in fact, for over a decade zvelo has been fighting the battle for brand safety by providing real-time visibility into the content of websites, blogs, and social media – anywhere an ad is being placed. We are a trusted partner of choice for digital ad tech platforms and media providers, exposing objectionable content to ensure media placements always align with a brand’s image. zvelo categorizes the web with nearly 500 different categories including multiple objectionable as well as malicious categories, providing powerful insights as well as flexible implementation methods to ensure all unique workflows are supported.  In fact, the depth and breath of zvelo content categorization allows advertisers to be confident that their brands are avoiding inappropriate juxtaposition of ads with certain competitors, and with inappropriate or objectionable content.

Learn more about how zvelo is used for brand safety in this case study.


Content Categorization

zvelo categorizes the global web into nearly 500 categories, supporting over 200 languages.  This level of granularity coupled with flexible implementation options enables automation of inventory categorization that scales. Content categories comply with the IAB Tier 1 and Tier 2 taxonomies, and are flexible enough to be mapped to custom taxonomies.  Categorization will also include keyword and sentiment analysis.

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Contextual Data

Ensuring contextual alignment of campaigns to content ties directly into providing optimal relevancy to the user experience. The context of a page also provides valuable insight into audience.  As digital campaigns have evolved to require laser-focused targeting strategies, the need to maintain both audience and contextual relevancy has emerged. With privacy concerns and cookie limitations audience targeting capabilities are challenged, further highlighting the importance of contextual targeting. By examining the content of a page, zvelo is able to determine the context, which spans category, keyword, and sentiment about brands, topics or keywords, in turn providing a rich environment to buyers for reaching target audiences and to publishers for monetizing their inventory.

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Keyword & Sentiment

zveloDP delivers true contextual relevancy through the use of keyword identification and their accompanying sentiment, enabling sophisticated contextual targeting

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