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Network Security and Malicious Website Detection

Network Security

zvelo’s content and malicious detection datasets power the market’s leading Web Filtering or Parental Controls applications for WiFi HotSpot, UTM, SaaS, Router, Endpoint and Mobile Security companies across the globe.

Malicious Website Detection, Web Filtering and Parental Controls 

Delivering a best-in-class Web Filtering or Parental Controls for UTM, Firewall, SaaS, HotSpot, Gateway, Router, Endpoint and Mobile Security, vendors can deliver an opportunity for differentiation, optimal customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, revenue growth and operational efficiency.   Conversely, having a poor quality Web Filtering offering decreases customer loyalty, hurts margins and increases support and operating costs.

A premium,  high quality Web Filtering offering requires a content URL database which is highly accurate, provides comprehensive coverage of the ActiveWeb, supports malicious website detection and zero-hour protection and updates, with flexible deployment options that allow integration in a data center, an enterprise, SMB, on appliance, on device or hosted in the cloud.

Further, the content URL database must support highly granular and flexible category taxonomies that align with the policy management GUI of the web filtering or parental control offering, whether the requirement is only a handful of categories or hundreds of categories.

Finally, the URL database must be highly scalable, supporting small, single user deployments through ISPs and deployments with millions of users, with exceptional URL query performance.

zvelo has been a leader in making the Internet safe for over a decade, working closely with governmental, non-profit and third party organizations to promote and help root out child abuse and sexual slavery, phishing, fraud and emerging exploits.

zveloDB provides market-leading accuracy, coverage and malicious website detection with an easy-to-integrate API, providing both local SDK and cloud-based deployment options. Additionally, zveloDB provides exclusive “category mapping” technology that enables Web Filtering vendors to mirror exactly the category sets familiar to sys admins and end users for policies and reporting.

zvelo offers a range of flexible pricing options for web filtering and parental controls uses, designed to mirror the partner’s business model, including user-based, appliance model-based and others.


Data Center, UTM, Gateway, SaaS: For large scale deployments or where lookup speed is paramount, the “on-disk” zveloDB SDK solution provides a simple, straight-forward implementation that supports a local mirror of the master zveloDB, in addition to custom categories you may want to create, with continuous updates for new URLs as they are categorized, providing real-time protection for newly identified objectionable and malicious URLs.

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Routers, Endpoint & Mobile Devices: For Endpoints, Mobile Devices, ASIC-
and Flash-based architectures, or where there are limited resources, zveloDB can be implemented using a small local cache for most frequent or recent URL queries, with additional URL queries directed to the zveloNET cloud network.


HotSpots: For WiFi  Hotspots, zveloDB provides excellent flexibility, allowing for deployment at the HotSpot location, in the cloud or the data center.  With the market’s leading coverage and accuracy, zveloDB provides the ability for safe, secure public Internet access.

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