Website categorization and URL database solutions for advertising network providers.

Making sense of big data has become a necessity for the ad tech, online brand safety, service providers, network security, web filtering and other markets where the collection of web usage data is growing at an alarming rate. A key differentiator from traditional advertising mediums (TV, radio, onsite, etc.) is the massive amounts of web usage data available for aggregation, interpretation and visualization. Big data analytics providers are faced with a daunting task of making sense of all this information. Following are some of the markets in which analytics solutions providers play a vital role and how the zveloDB® URL database and zveloCAT™ content categorization engine can help visualize big data.

Big Data in the Ad Tech - Brand Safety Market
Big data analytics providers may work in conjunction with online ad market players, such as agencies, ad networks, ad exchanges, and the mobile ad market, to provide statistical reporting, auditing and other analytical and visualiization services to help the online advertising market improve online ad delivery transparency, to ensure advertiser brand safety and accurate ad placements across websites written in a wide array of languages. Big data analytics services providers also help the online ad market to conform to new industry standards established by organizations such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau™ (IAB) for contextual taxonomy and in-depth content categorization at the sub-path and page level of social networking, blogging and other popular websites.

Big Data in the Network Security Market
Network security vendors (UTM, appliance, WiFi, etc.) are continually combatting advanced, persistent web threats out to compromise a corporate network as well as phishing and other social engineering attacks that often times originate behind the log-in of popular social networks, forums and blogs. Network security vendors must also provide policy management tools to boost productivity within the work place. Big data analytics providers can help network security vendors make sense of the large volumes of inbound and internal network traffic so that threats can be identified and prevented and so that web usage can be controlled to improve productivity, among other benefits.

Big Data and Service Providers
Big data analytics providers are tasked with capturing, curating, categorizing and visualizing web usage data stemming from mobile service providers’ millions of subscribers in order to identify data usage trends. Identifying network usage trends can help service providers better market their products, control bandwidth, enforce pricing, and can provide other key business intelligence.

How zvelo Can Help
The aforementioned are only a handful of markets that analytics solutions can be of substantial benefit. Big data analytics firms require a URL database that addresses the dynamics of ever-changing web content and continually evolving web threats, in order to help identify and detect malicious websites, or web pages with inappropriate, illegal or non-standard content and to categorize content in-stream and on-the-fly to make sense of information.

The zveloDB URL database and zveloCAT content categorization engine can help make sense of big data and can be evaluated for free by analytics providers. The zveloDB and zveloCAT can also serve as the foundation for turnkey analytics offerings.  zveloDB supports a range of category sets and has dedicated category sets for objectionable online content (adult, porn, hate, criminal, vices, etc.) and offers instant detection of malicious or compromised URLs, as well as revisit logic to recategorize legitimate websites that go from infected to clean. With zvelo’s automated URL categorization capabilities, backed by quality assurance provided by over 150 multi-lingual Web Analysts Quality Assurance, changing content on websites can be monitored, revisited and recategorized in real-time and in-stream.

zvelo's cost-effective pricing models and flexible deployment options provide analytics providers with the ideal technologies required to help make sense of big data for a variety of markets and use cases.

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