Flexible URL database deployment options and pricing models for various OEM markets.

March 2014


A leading developer of chat and mobile messaging applications sought a contextual categorization engine capable of sentiment analysis and named entity recognition to help with the placement of native, in-app advertisements. Also a requirement was a comprehensive software solution capable of spam and malicious link detection to help protect its app users from visiting websites used for hosting malware or to conduct phishing attacks and other mobile web threats.

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September 2013


Challenge The OEM partner, ISC8®, a leading provider of hardware, software and service offerings for web filtering, deep packet inspection with big data analytics, and malware threat detection for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), required a URL database and content categorization engine to complement its Cyber NetControl™ content control platform. The platform helps service providers protect their millions of subscribers from accessing inappropriate content and malicious websites on a network-wide or per-user basis.

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May 2013


The OEM partner, a leading digital video advertising platform provider that helps advertisers drive ROI, while providing publishers with maximum opportunities to monetize their inventories, required comprehensive and highly accurate contextual content categorization of URLs and web pages to ensure brand safety and increase transparency.

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March 2013


The OEM partner, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions, had identified a need to capture, curate, categorize and visualize the massive amounts of web usage data sets stemming from mobile service providers’ millions of subscribers in order to develop turnkey analytics offerings its customers can utilize for cross-selling opportunities that exceed traditional business intelligence offerings.

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December 2012

Incorporate a URL database and dynamic web content categorization in a content filtering application integrated into a kid-friendly Android tablet that helps assure safe web browsing and protection from inappropriate and adult-oriented web pages and malicious websites.

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July 2012


To support its market positioning of secure and safe web browsing, the OEM Partner required a URL database that was able to provide real-time detection of malicious and blockable websites, as well as extensive website content categorization for its rapidly expanding international network of WiFi HotSpots.

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March 2012


The OEM Partner is a fast growing Ad Exchange Network with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) offerings that wanted to move beyond ad delivery, verification and post-impression analysis to provide product differentiation through pre-emptive brand safety and improved transparency for its customers.

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August 2011


Identify and implement a solution that would provide safe Web Browsing protection from malicious and compromised websites for users of the Company’s flagship smartphone security offering. Additionally, provide parental controls web filtering to enable users to block access to porn and other websites with inappropriate content.

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May 2011


The OEM Partner, at the forefront of the rapidly growing online advertising network industry, had identified the need for a new URL database that would provide more granular support for categorization at the domain, sub-domain and sub-path level of URLs in order to address the recent IAB™ requirements. As part of this process, the OEM Partner had also stated its objectives as improved inventory vetting, more effective ad placement and improved campaign reporting.

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April 2011

Find a single vendor that had the technical competency and business flexibility to support web filtering solutions for the existing consumer-oriented user base, as well as provide a highly competitive premium offering for the business market being targeted by the OEM Partner for future growth, while simultaneously addressing web-based threats to Android™ and iPhone™ devices from mobile apps and malicious websites.

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February 2011


Develop a compelling web filtering offering that integrates a URL database with excellent coverage, accuracy, malicious website detection, real-time categorization of new URLs and straightforward implementation in a Linux environment.

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December 2010

Develop a parental controls web filtering offering as a feature of an endpoint security suite (current suite includes antivirus and spam filtering) to improve competitive positioning and product differentiation. Provide extensive website coverage for the global user base, together with web threat protection, as well as a customized "parental controls" category set, across a family of Windows-based PC platforms.

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October 2010

The OEM Partner, one of the fastest-growing providers of UTM solutions, wanted to introduce a premium web filtering offering to provide product differentiation and increase revenue. Additionally, the OEM Partner required a simple integration of a lightweight SDK with its UTM offering.

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